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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - file types

Extension Description Tool
aac File to apply collision and effects to a character’s body  
abc File to apply collision and effects to a character’s weapon  
arc Generic container for files OpenKh.Command.Arc
bin Command Melding Abilities  
bin Contains information related to areas in the worldmap  
bin List of missions present in Mirage Arena  
bin List of music to play on the Ice Cream minigame  
bin Contains the full list of possible Command Melds  
bin List of commands available at the Commands Shop  
bin File responsible for controlling event flow  
bin List of ice creams available at the Ice Cream Shop  
bin List of commands available at the Medal Shop  
bin Controls the flow of ingame events  
bin Lists all the dropped items by every enemy  
bin Controls the travel points on each world and where they lead  
bbsa Container for all files within the game (PSP Only) OpenKh.Command.Bbsa
bcd Map collision  
bdc Contains Command Board settings  
bdd Contains settings related to the Command Board’s dice behavior  
bep List of base enemy parameters OpenKh.Tools.BepEditor
bgm List of background music in the game  
bsd List of Status Ailments and the effects they play on characters  
ctd File containing a list of text strings and how they need to be displayed  
ead Controls effects attached to weapons  
ecm Controls camera used on characters, mainly NPCs  
edp File used for special settings, for example, EXP 0 stats  
epd File that controls various parameters for enemies. Overwrites data in .bep OpenKh.Tools.EpdEditor
esd It controls what files the current arc inherits from  
ese Sound effects for particle effects  
ept AI routine  
etp Unknown  
exa Cutscene files  
exb Binary version of an Excel file containing minigame related data  
fep Particle Effects  
frr Unknown  
gpd List of prizes dropped by Gimmick entities  
itb List of treasure boxes and their contents OpenKh.Tools.ItbEditor
itc List of items obtained through collectibles OpenKh.Tools.ItcEditor
ite List of items used in the game OpenKh.Tools.IteEditor
l2d Layout 2D files  
lad Unknown  
lub Compiled lua script used for AI using LUA 5.1  
mss Controls how sounds behave in a map  
ngd Controls how the navigation grid is created for levels  
nmd Unknown  
olo Used to spawn objects in the level and their properties  
pam Contains a list of animations  
pkt Unknown  
pmo 3D Model (Skeletal and Static)  
pmp Map geometry files  
pst Unknown  
ptx File controlling many event related events happening in a map  
pvd File that controls special effects on maps such as fog  
scd Sound container  
seb Controls which sounds are played per animation  
sei File that contains information related to sound effect settings  
txa Contains a list textures used to animate a 3D model