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Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - Events

Each event is a group of information, like the cutscene to play and the map where it will be played.

The events are described in event/event_ve, event/event_aq and event/event_te.

Every event has its own global unique identifier, which means that there should not be duplicate Event ID across the three files.

World ID and Room ID fields defines which maps will be loaded for that particular event: arc/map/{WorldName}{Room}.arc.

The Event index field defines which cutscene has to be loaded: event/{WorldName}/{WorldName}_{EventIndex}.exa.

The WorldName is calculated from World ID using the world table.

Events table format

Offset Type Description
0x0 int32 File identifier, always set to 1
0x4 int32 Event entries count

Event entry

Offset Type Description
0x0 int16 Global event unique identifier
0x2 int16 Event index
0x4 uint8 World ID
0x5 uint8 Room ID
0x6 int16 Unknown