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EPD Format

EPD stands for Entity Parameter Data and contains all the stats related to the character stats.

These files are contained within the .arc files of characters beginning with e or b, for example, b01ex00.arc has a file named b01ex00.epd which contains its stats.

The format consists on the following structures in order:
General Parameters
Animation List
Other Parameters
Technique Parameters
Drop Items
Extra Parameters


Offset Type Description
0x0 string File identifier, always @EPD
0x4 int Version, 9

General Parameters

Offset Type Description
0x0 uint32 Status Ailments flag
0x4 float Max HP (Bosses) Health Multiplier (Enemies)
0x8 float Experience Multiplier
0xC uint32 iSize (Unknown)
0x10 float Physical Damage Multiplier
0x14 float Fire Damage Multiplier
0x18 float Ice Damage Multiplier
0x1C float Thunder Damage Multiplier
0x20 float Darkness Damage Multiplier
0x24 float Non-Elemental Damage Multiplier

Status Ailments

Bit Count Description
0 1 Fly
1 1 Small Damage Reaction
2 1 Small Damage Reaction Only
3 1 Hitback
4 1 dummy4
5 1 dummy5
6 1 dummy6
7 1 dummy7
8 1 dummy8
9 1 dummy9
10 1 Poison
11 1 Slow
12 1 Stop
13 1 Bind
14 1 Faint
15 1 Freeze
16 1 Burn
17 1 Confuse
18 1 Blind
19 1 Death
20 1 Zero Gravity
21 1 Minimum
22 1 Magnet
23 1 Degen
24 1 Sleep
25 1 dummy25
26 1 dummy26
27 1 dummy27
28 1 dummy28
29 1 dummy29
30 1 dummy30
31 1 dummy31

Animation List

Offset Type Description
0x0 char[4] Animation List (mnDamageMotion)

Animation List has 20 instances and 8 filler bytes.

Other Parameters

Offset Type Description
0x0 uint16 Damage Ceiling
0x2 uint16 Damage Floor
0x4 float fWeight
0x8 uint32 Effectiveness Flag
0xC uint8 Prize Box probability.
0xD uint8[3] padding
0x10 uint32 Number of Technique Parameters.
0x14 uint32 Offset to Technique Parameters.
0x18 uint32 Number of Drop Items.
0x1C uint32 Offset to Drop Items.
0x20 uint32 Number of Extra Parameters.
0x24 uint32 Offset to Extra Parameters.

Effectiveness Flag

Bit Count Description
0 2 Effective Poison
2 2 Effective Stop
4 2 Effective Bind
6 2 Effective Faint
8 2 Effective Blind
10 2 Effective Minimum
12 20 padding

Technique Parameters

This structures repeats for as many animations need their parameters set.

Offset Type Description
0x0 float Technique Damage Multiplier
0x4 uint8 Technique Number
0x5 uint8 Attack Kind
0x6 uint8 Attack Attribute
0x7 uint8 Success Rate (Usually 0x64 [100])

Attack Kind

Id Kind Description
0x01 Small Damage  
0x02 Big Damage  
0x03 Blow Damage  
0x04 Toss Damage  
0x05 Beat Damage  
0x06 Flick Damage  
0x07 Poison  
0x08 Slow  
0x09 Stop  
0x0A Bind  
0x0B Stun  
0x0C Freeze  
0x0D Burn  
0x0E Confu  
0x0F Blind  
0x10 Death  
0x11 Kill  
0x12 Capture  
0x13 Magnet  
0x14 Zero Gravity  
0x15 Aero Fly in circles.
0x16 Tornado More violent version of Aero
0x17 Degenerator No effect on player.
0x18 Without Long launch backwards.
0x19 Eat No effect on player.
0x1A Treasure Raid Bound by attack (MF Doom for example) Infinite loop
0x1B Sleeping Death Long launch backwards.
0x1C Sleep No Zs appear.
0x1D Magnet Munny Same as sleep but Zs appear on top of the character.
0x1E Magnet HP No effect on player.
0x1F Magnet Focus No effect on player.
0x20 Mini No effect on player.
0x21 Quake Mini.
0x22 Recover Normal hit.
0x23 Discommand Doesn’t work on player.
0x24 Disprize_M Blow away commands?
0x25 Disprize_H Normal hit.
0x26 Disprize_F Normal hit.
0x27 Detone Long launch backwards.
0x28 GM_BLOW Blown upwards and stunned on landing.
0x29 Blast Long launch backwards and stunned on landing.
0x2A Magnet Spiral Character goes crazy moving around the whole arena.
0x2B Glacial Arts Long launch backwards.
0x2C Transcendence Long launch backwards.
0x2D Vengeance Same as “Blind”.
0x2E Magnet Breaker Long launch backwards.
0x2F Magic Impulse CF Casts Confu or Freeze.
0x30 Magic Impulse CFB Casts Confu.
0x31 Magic Impulse CFBB Casts Confu, Freeze or Bind.
0x32 Rise Damage Launch forces you to be in the air.
0x33 Stumble Forced to be in Idle animation for 8 seconds.
0x34 Mount Forced to be in Idle animation while “Press O/X” appears on screen for a few seconds.
0x35 Imprisonment Character is attached to enemy’s position.
0x36 Slow Stop Can result in Slow or Stop.
0x37 Gathering Freezes character for a long time.
0x38 Exhausted 1HP, No Focus, No D-Link, All Commands in cooldown.

Attack Attribute

Id Kind
0x0 Non/Elemental
0x1 Physical
0x2 Fire
0x3 Ice
0x4 Thunder
0x5 Darkness
0x6 Zero
0x7 Special
0x8 MAX

Drop Parameters

Items dropped by enemies.

Offset Type Description
0x0 uint32 Value for Drop Kind
0x4 uint16 Number
0x6 uint16 Probability

Drop Kind

Id Kind Description
0x0 ITEM_KIND_HP_SMALL Small HP orb.
0x1 ITEM_KIND_HP_BIG Big HP orb.
0x2 ITEM_KIND_MUNNY_SMALL Small Munny orb.
0x3 ITEM_KIND_MUNNY_MIDDEL Middle Munny orb.
0x4 ITEM_KIND_MUNNY_BIG Big Munny orb.
0x5 ITEM_KIND_FOCUS_SMALL Small Focus orb.
0x6 ITEM_KIND_FOCUS_BIG Big Focus orb.

Extra Parameters

This structure contains AI parameters that can change the values in variables used in the enemy’s LUA.

Offset Type Description
0x0 char[0xC] Parameter Name
0xC float Parameter Value