This is a project centralizes all the technical knowledge of Kingdom Hearts series in one place, providing documentation, tools, code libraries and the foundation for modding the commercial games.

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PTX Format

Fields marked with optional mean that such fields may not be included in the file.


Offset Type Description
00 Content[0…] Entries of Content


Offset Type Description
00 short Flag to load
02 short unk2
04 short unk3 // Always 0x1
06 short unk4 // Always 0x1
08 string OLO substring to load. For example if vs01-b70.olo, it stores b70. Not null-terminated.
12 short optional unk6
14 short optional unk7
16 short optional Song index to play
18 short optional unk9 // Seems to be 0xFFFF most of the time