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iceShop stands for Ice-cream Shop.

This file includes the whole list of ice-creams for sale on Disney Town’s ice-cream Shop.

There is a file for each playable character with the following names: | ARC File | Internal File | Description |——–|——-|———— | SHOPICETE.ARC | iceTeShop.bin| Terra’s ice-cream Shop | SHOPICEVE.ARC | iceVeShop.bin| Ventus’s ice-cream Shop | SHOPICEAQ.ARC | iceAqShop.bin| Aqua’s ice-cream Shop

Not all commands will appear in the shop even if you add them to the list.

Offset Type Description
0x0 char[4] File identifier, always SHP. Null terminated.
0x4 uint16 Version, always 1.
0x6 uint16 Type (Unknown use)
0x8 uint32 Number of Items

This data chunk repeats as many times as the field Number of Items specifies.

Ice-cream Shop Data

Offset Type Description
0x0 uint16 Command Kind
0x0 uint8 Create Count
0x0 int16 Item ID 1
0x0 int16 Item ID 2
0x0 int16 Item ID 3
0x0 int16 Item ID 4
0x0 uint8 Item ID 1 Count
0x0 uint8 Item ID 2 Count
0x0 uint8 Item ID 3 Count
0x0 uint8 Item ID 4 Count