This is a centralized place for the documentation and other discoveries about the internal working of Kingdom Hearts games.

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Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - PMP

PMP files contain several PMOs and their associated textures, which are used to render the static geometry of a map.

PMP Header

Offset Type Description
0x0 uint32 Magic value. Always “PMP\0” (0x00504D50)
0x4 uint16 Version
0x6 uint16 Padding
0x8 uint32 Padding
0xC uint8[3] Padding
0xF uint8 Flag
0x10 uint16 Object Instance Count
0x12 uint16 Model Instance Count
0x14 uint32 Padding
0x18 uint16 Padding
0x1A uint16 Texture Count
0x1C uint32 Texture List Offset

Map Flags

The usage of these flags is still unknown.

Value Name

Object Instance List

The object instance list immediatly follows the header.

Object Instance Entry

Offset Type Description
0x0 float[3] Position
0xC float[3] Rotation
0x18 float[3] Scale
0x24 uint32 PMO Offset
0x28 uint32 Unknown pointer
0x2C uint16 Object Flag
0x2E uint16 Object ID

Note that PMO Offset can be NULL.

Texture List

The texture list is at Texture List Offset in the header. Note that it’s uneccessary as each object’s PMO also contains the offset to it’s needed TM2s.

Texture List Entry

The texture list entry is the same as the texture info structure in a PMO.

Offset Type Description
0x0 uint32 TM2 Offset
0x4 char[0xC] Texture Name
0x10 float Animates texture in X axis
0x14 float Animates texture in Y axis
0x18 int32[2] Padding