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SCD Format

SCD stands for Sound Container Data.

This file is a container for many related sounds.

Offset Type Description
0x0 char[8] File identifier, always SEDBSSCF. which stands for Sound Environment DataBase ? ? ? ?
0x8 uint32 File version, always 3.
0xC uint8 Endianness (0 = LE, 1 = BE)
0xD uint8 SSCF version. Always 0x400.
0xE uint16 Header Size
0x10 uint32 Total File Size
0x14 uint32[7] Padding

Table Offset Header

Offset Type Description
0x0 uint16 Table 0 Offset Size
0x2 uint16 Size of Sound Entry Offset Table
0x4 uint16 Table 2 Offset Size
0x6 uint16 Unknown
0x8 int32 Offset to Table 0
0xC int32 Sound Entry Table Offset
0x10 int32 Offset to Table 2
0x14 int32 Unknown
0x18 int32 Unknown Offset
0x1C int32 Padding


Offset Type Description
0x0 uint32 Stream Size
0x4 uint32 Channel Count
0x8 uint32 Sample Rate
0xC uint32 Codec
0x10 uint32 Loop Start
0x14 uint32 Loop End
0x18 uint32 Extra Data Size
0x1C uint32 Auxiliary Chunk Count
0x20 uint8[StreamSize] Data