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Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - EXA format (Exusia)

This file is used to display cutscenes or anything that requires camerawork. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.


Offset Type Field Name Description
0x0 char[4] name File identifier, always exa\0
0x4 float version  
0x8 uint8    
0x9 uint8    
0xA uint8    
0xB uint8    
0xC uint8 Number of particle effects resources  
0xD uint8    
0xE uint8    
0xF uint8    


Offset Type Description
0x10 List<char[0x40]> List to the full path of the effects

The secondary header starts right after all effects.


Offset Type Description
0x0 uint32 Unknown00
0x4 uint32 readWait
0x8 uint8 Number of groups
0x9 uint8 Number of WallPapers.
0xA uint8 Number of PMO resources loaded.
0xB uint8 Number of PAM resources loaded.
0xC uint8 Number of Effect resources loaded.
0xD uint8 Number of CTD resources loaded.
0xE uint8 Number of sound effect resources loaded.
0xF uint8 Number of voice clip resources loaded.
0x10 uint8 Number of BGM resources loaded.
0x11 uint8 dummy
0x12 uint8 dummy
0x13 uint8 dummy
0x14 uint32 Unknown14
0x18 uint8 Unknown18
0x19 uint8 Unknown19
0x1A uint16 Unknown1A
0x1C char[4] Always ‘MAP\0’
0x20 char[16] Name of the map it the event takes place in.

Resource definition

Offset Type Description
0x0 uint Unknown00
0x4 uint Unknown04
0x8 uint Padding08
0xC char[16] Name of the resource. (without extension)
0x1C char[32] Path of the resource.