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CmdCharge stands for Command Charge.

This file stores the list for all commands melds.

The reason why it’s called CHARGE is because that’s how command melding is named in japanese.

This file is contained within Menu/Camp.arc

Offset Type Description
0x0 char[8] File identifier, always @BINCHRG.
0x8 uint16 Version, always 256.
0xA uint16 Size
0xC uint16 Data Count
0xE uint16 Padding
0x10 uint8[16] Ability Chance Array

Command Charge Data

Offset Type Description
0x0 uint16[2] Command Index
0x4 uint8[2] Command Level
0x6 uint16 Result Command 1
0x8 uint8 Flag 1
0x9 uint8 Chance Percent 1
0xA uint16 Result Command 2
0xC uint8 Flag 2
0xD uint8 Chance Percent 2
0xE uint8 Exception
0xF uint8 Recipe

Command Charge Flag

Bit Count Description
0 1 Is it rare?
1 3 Rank
4 4 Ability Pattern