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Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - CTD format

CTD is used to display text messages in game. It does not only contain the text to write on screen, but also the layout, font type, position and more.

In order to make a specific text appear in-game, the engine selects a message thorugh its unique identifier. Then, every message will refer to a layout which contains the display logic.

Text encoding

The encoding used is Shift-JIS. The European/American text uses a slighly different variant of Shift-JIS. To learn more on how the game engine renders those characters, check how character mapping is performed.

File format

Offset Type Description
00 int File identifier, 0x44544340
04 int Version, always 1
08 short RESERVED
0a short Unknonw
0c short Layout count
0e short Message count
10 int Message offset
14 int Layout offset
18 int Text start offset


Describe a message with a text and links it to a layout

Offset Type Description
00 int Unique identifier
04 int Text offset
08 int Layout index
0C int Wait Frame Count


Describe how a message should be presented on screen

Offset Type Description
00 short Dialog X position
02 short Dialog Y position
04 short Balloon window width (borders excluded)
06 short Balloon window height (borders excluded)
08 byte Dialog box alignment
09 byte Dialog box border type
0a short Text alignment
0c short Font size. 16=100%, 8=50%
0e short Horizontal space between letters
10 short Vertical space between letters
12 short Text X offset
14 short Text Y offset
16 short Dialog Hook type
18 short Dialog hook horizontal position
1a short Text Color IDX
1c short Padding
1e short Padding

Dialog box alignment

Value Description
00 Use position
01 Align to the left
02 Align to the centre
03 Align to the right

Dialog box borders

Value Description
00 Rounded borders
01 Diamond borders
02 Spike borders
03 Black information dialog
04 Diamond borders
05 Invisible box

Text alignment

Value Vertical Horizontal Text alignment
00 Top Left Left
01 Top Right Left
02 Top Center Left
03 Top Left Left
04 Top Left Left
05 Top Right Right
06 Top Center Center
07 Top Left Left
08 Center Left Left
09 Center Right Left
0a Center Center Left
0b Bottom Center Left
0c Top Left Left
0d Center Right Right
0e Center Center Center
0f Bottom Center Center

Dialog hook

Value Shape Location Origin
00 Hook Bottom Left
01 Hook Bottom Right
02 Hook Top Left
03 Hook Top Right
04 Bubble Bottom Left
05 Bubble Bottom Right
06 Bubble Top Left
07 Bubble Top Right
08 Spike Bottom Left
09 Spike Bottom Right
0a Spike Top Left
0b Spike Top Right
0c None    
0d None    
0e None    
0f None