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BDC Format

BDC stands for Board Dice Common.

It controls various generic aspects related to the Command Board.

Offset Type Description
0x0 char[4] File identifier, always BDC. Null terminated.
0x4 uint32 Version
0x8 uint32 Padding
0xC uint32 Padding

BCD Data

Offset Type Description
0x0 float Chain
0x4 float Monopoly
0x8 float[5] Value
0x1C float[5] Cost
0x30 float Change
0x34 float Buy
0x38 float Sell
0x3C float Panel Bonus
0x40 float Round Bonus
0x44 float Card Bonus
0x48 float Joker
0x4C float Inflation
0x50 float Experience Base
0x54 float[3] Experience
0x60 float MedalRate
0x64 int16 Check Play Count
0x66 int16 Padding
0x68 int32 Padding
0x6C int32 Padding
0x70 int16 BP Magnet Base
0x72 int16 Special CD Base
0x74 int16 Special DC Base
0x76 int16 Special LS Base
0x78 int16 Special WP Player Base
0x7A int16 Special WP Mi Base
0x7C int16 Special Ex0 Minimum Base
0x7E int16 Special Ex0 Maximum Base
0x80 int16 Special Ex1 Minimum Base
0x82 int16 Special Ex1 Maximum Base
0x84 float Special Ex0 Minimum Buy
0x88 float Special Ex0 Maximum Buy
0x8C float Special Ex1 Minimum Buy
0x90 float Special Ex1 Maximum Buy
0x94 int32[4][8] Clear BP