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Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - Archive format

The game loads all the game files from Birth By Sleep Archive, in short BBSA.

All the BBSA are located in PSP_GAME/USRDIR/ and they have the name of BBS0.DAT, BBS1.DAT, BBS2.DAT, BBS3.DAT and BBS4.DAT.

Birth By Sleep comes with a Data Install option, where based on the level of installation it will copy BBS1, BBS2 and BBS3. The files are stored in those archives in a way where BBS1 contains the most used files, BBS0 contains the common files loaded only once and BBS4 just few PMF movies that is useless to store in a installation file.

Since BBS1, BBS2 and BBS3 are copied to the PSP Memory Stick, those are encrypted to prevent modification. The encryption system used is PDG and it is the one that PSP firmware provides to game developers.

BBSA format

When referred as sector, it means ISO sector. Each sector is 2048 bytes long.

Offset Type Description
00 int File identifier, always bbsa
04 int Version, 5 for JP and 6 for other builds
08 short Partition count
0a short Unknown
0c short Unknown
0e short Directory count
10 int Partition offset
14 int Directory offset
18 short Archive Partition sector
1a short Archive 0 start sector
1c int Total sector count
20 int Archive 1 start sector
24 int Archive 2 start sector
28 int Archive 3 start sector
2c int Archive 4 start sector


A typical directory name for a partition is arc/boss.

Offset Type Description
00 int Directory name hash
04 short Files count
06 short Partition file entries offset

Partition file entry

All the file names are stored without extension, but officially they have .arc extension (source: Birth By Sleep remastered for PS3/PS4).

Offset Type Description
00 int File name hash
04 bit 0-11 Sector count
04 bit 12-31 Start sector


A directory entry contains two name hashes, where one is the full directory path and the second one is the file name without extension. The two combined gives the full path. If the Sector Count is 0xFFF (the maximum possible value) it means that the file is meant to be streamed and not loaded in memory.

Offset Type Description
00 int File name hash
04 bit 0-11 Sector count
04 bit 12-31 Start sector
08 int Directory path hash

Archive partition

The purpose of this structure is still unknown. It seems to contain some information related to the file content from the partition file entries.

Offset Type Description
00 int partition file name hash
04 short archive partition entry offset
06 byte archive partition entry count
07 byte Unknown

Archive partition entry

The purpose of this structure is still unknown. Each name represents an existing file entry in one of the partition file entries.

Offset Type Description
00 short Unknown
02 int Name hash

Name hashing

The hash is calculate using a non-modified version of the CRC32 algorithm with 0xEDB88320 as polynomial.

The following subroutines are used to calculate the hash:

Game Subroutine
ULJM05600 sub_8AC7580

PDG keys

The following keys are used from the game to decrypt, at runtime, the BBSA files:

Game version Key
Japanese 9A88ED5C33D95313320C3BC997FF10E7 A931E3B557A16F5B98A6E2195D07D4AF 18E597E96C559AD378DED05F3C25AB9C
USA/European 7F0067C280626625276E8C3EB8307345 8F67981EACF0717434B1A5F98A0CD18E 77B9DE64CD1FC39279D190564728A378
Final Mix 2A7069ED492539395AD9A8616C060B57 749B1E1F547E8A7043E4BA807D7E3D4E C111DA2CF00E66AAEADD609EEEA6FC8A