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Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - OLO format (Object Spawner)

This file controls what objects and how they’re spawned in levels within Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.


Offset Type Description
0x0 char[4] File identifier, always @OLO.
0x4 ushort File version.
0x6 ushort Flag from OLO Flags
0x8 uint Number of Objects to spawn.
0xC uint Offset to the Object Name section.
0x10 uint Number of file path addresses.
0x14 uint Offset to a list of Path Name for files.
0x18 uint Number of Script name
0x1C uint Offset to a list of Path Name for Scripts.
0x20 uint Number of Mission labels.
0x24 uint Offset to the Mission Name definitions.
0x28 uint Number of Triggers.
0x2C uint Offset to the Trigger Data definitions.
0x30 uint Number of Group data.
0x34 uint Offset to the Group Data definitions.
0x38 uint[2] Padding.

OLO Flags

Value Name Description
0 FLAG_NONE Unused
1 FLAG_ENEMY Used for regular enemies
2 FLAG_GIMMICK Used for gimmick objects
4 FLAG_NPC Used for Non Playable Characters
8 FLAG_PLAYER Used for Player Characters
16 FLAG_EVENT_TRIGGER Used for triggers

OLO Flags is a bitfield.

Object Name

Type Description
char[16] File to load.

Object Name just consists of a list of Objects where its count is decided by uiObjNameNum

Path Name Section

Type Field Name
char[32] szName

Mission Name


Trigger Data

Offset Type Description
0x0 Vector3 Trigger location.
0xC Vector3 Trigger scale.
0x18 uint Trigger ID. (uiID)
0x1C uint Trigger Behavior
0x20 ushort[2] Unknown Parameters
0x24 uint ID of CTD file to load
0x28 uint Possibly a reference to Trigger Type (Game Trigger)
0x2C float Yaw rotation.

Trigger Behavior

Bit Count Behavior
0 4 Type
4 4 Shape
8 1 Fire
9 1 Stop
10 22 Padding

Trigger Type

Value Name Description
0 Scene Jump  
1 Appear Enemy  
2 Begin Gimmick  
3 Begin Event  
4 Destination  
5 Message  
6 Mission  

Trigger Shape

Value Description
0 Box
1 Sphere
2 Cylinder

Group Data

Offset Type Description
0x0 Vector3 Object center location.
0xC float Radius of object.
0x10 uint ID of the Trigger associated
0x14 uint Group Flag
0x18 float Appear Parameter
0x1C uint Offset to Group Data (?)
0x20 float Dead Rate
0x24 ushort Game Trigger
0x26 uint8 Mission Parameter
0x27 uint8 Unknown Parameter
0x28 uint Number of Layout Object Data entities.
0x2A uint Offset to the Layout Data.

Group Flag

Bit Count Behavior
0 4 Appear Type
4 1 Link
5 1 Appear OK
6 1 Link Invoke
7 4 Step
11 1 Fire
12 8 ID
20 1 Specified
21 1 Game Trigger to Fire
22 1 Mission to Fire
23 1 All Dead No Appear
24 5 Group ID
29 3 Padding

Appear Type

Value Name Description

Layout Data

Offset Type Description
0x0 char[16] Object Name
0x10 Vector3 Position
0x1C Vector3 Rotation
0x20 float Height
0x24 uint Layout Info
0x28 uint Unique ID
0x2C ushort Parameter 5
0x2E ushort Parameter 6
0x30 ushort Parameter 7
0x32 ushort Parameter 8
0x34 uint Message ID
0x38 char[32] Path Name
0x58 char[32] Script Name
0x78 char[16] Mission Label

### Layout Info

Bit Count Behavior
0 1 Appear
1 1 Load Only
2 1 Dead
3 8 ID
11 1 Model Display Off
12 8 Group ID
20 1 No Load
21 8 Network ID
29 3 Padding