This is a project centralizes all the technical knowledge of Kingdom Hearts series in one place, providing documentation, tools, code libraries and the foundation for modding the commercial games.

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OpenKH tools

As a preface before tools are listed, it is important to note that different tools will be marked as either “CLI.ToolName” or “GUI.ToolName”. This is to distinguish whether a specific program uses the command line or terminal or a GUI. The primary difference between the two is one involves typing commands into a terminal while the other has fancy clickable buttons. If you have never used the command line before or have used it very little, fear not, for instructions for those tools will be equally as thorough as GUI instructions!



Common formats

File Tool name
TM2 OpenKh.Tools.ImageViewer

Kingdom Hearts II

File Tool name
IDX OpenKh.Command.IdxImg
IDX OpenKh.Tools.IdxImg
msg/* OpenKh.Command.MsgTool
msg/* OpenKh.Tools.Kh2TextEditor
BAR OpenKh.Tools.BarEditor
IMD OpenKh.Tools.ImageViewer
IMZ OpenKh.Tools.ImageViewer
FAC OpenKh.Tools.ImageViewer
DPD OpenKh.Tools.DpdViewer (incomplete)
2LD OpenKh.Tools.LayoutEditor
2DD OpenKh.Tools.LayoutEditor
DOCT OpenKh.Command.DoctChanger
COCT OpenKh.Command.CoctChanger
MAP OpenKh.Command.MapGen
00battle OpenKh.Tools.LevelUpEditor
00objentry OpenKh.Tools.ObjentryEditor
00place OpenKh.Tools.Kh2PlaceEditor
03system OpenKh.Tools.Kh2SystemEditor
msg/*/place.bin OpenKh.Tools.Kh2PlaceEditor

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

File Tool name
BBSAx.DAT OpenKh.Command.Bbsa
ARC OpenKh.Command.Arc
CTD OpenKh.Tools.CtdEditor
event/ OpenKh.Tools.BbsEventTableEditor
font.arc OpenKh.Tools.ImageViewer
fonten.arc OpenKh.Tools.ImageViewer

Kingdom Hearts 1.5/2.5 ReMIX

File Tool name
HD assets OpenKh.Command.HdAssets