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Kingdom Hearts II - ANB (Animation Binary)

ANB files are used by the game engine to animate a 3D model and trigger events in specific frames. They are used for both gameplay and cutscenes. All the gameplay ANB files are located inside MSET files in obj/, while for cutscenes they are located in anm/{WORLD}/{MODEL}/. Internally they are just BAR archives and for what it’s known the only two files that can be found in are motion data and effect data.

Motion data

This file is responsible of animating a 3D model. It comes in two forms, interpolated and RAW. Due to the bigger complexity of interpolated-type motion files, they will be documented in a separate document.

The game engine assumes that the maximum frame rate is 60; this is referred as Global Frame Rate (or GFR). But every motion can run at a different frame rate; this is referred as Local Frame Rate (or LFR).

The RAW animation type just takes an array of matrices for each frame and applies them to the bones of a model. It is a very cheap technique in terms of CPU usage, but it requires a big amount of memory.

Motion header

Like model files, the first 0x90 are reserved an always set to 00. Offsets and file size ignores the first 0x90. This document refers to the motion type 1, which is the RAW one. When the motion type is 0, the rest of the file after the header will be very different; refer to interpolated motion document.

Offset Type Description
0 int Motion ‘type’, 0=Interpolated, 1=Raw
4 int Unknown. It can be 0 or 1
8 int Size of the file
12 int Always 0

Raw motion header

This is located straight after the motion header.

Offset Type Description
0x00 int Bone count. Must match with the bone count of the model.
0x04 int Always 0
0x08 int Always 0
0x0C int Always 0
0x10 int Amount of GFR in a loop (FrameEnd - FrameLoop)
0x14 int Total amount of frames, expressed in LFR
0x18 int Unknown
0x1c int Offset to the second matrix table
0x20 vec4f Bounding Box minimum
0x30 vec4f Bounding Box maximum
0x40 float Frame loop
0x44 float Frame end
0x48 float Frames per second, defines the LFR
0x4c float Frame count, expressed in LFR

Raw motion matrices

An array of array of 4x4 matrices (Matrix4x4[][]). The first dimension of the array refers to the total amount of frames, while the second dimension is the bone count. For each frame (LFR), the game engine takes BoneCount amount of Matrix4x4 and multiplies them to the mesh that corresponds to a specific bone.

Raw motion more matrices

This is optionally defined and its purpose is unknown. It is an array of 4x4 matrices (Matrix4x4[]), where the size of the array is equal to the bone count. For the few files that has been analysed, those matrices are always a Matrix Identity.

Effect data

This file describe triggers that happens during a motion and it’s believed they are located into a different file to favour decoupling.

Effect main header

Amount Description
Single Header
Array Type A effect (Happens during X frames)
Array Type B effect (Triggered on a specific frame)

Effect entry header

Offset Variable Type Description
0 byte Type A effect count
1 byte Type B effect count
2 short Start offset of the type B effects

Type A effect

Offset Variable Type Description
0 short Start frame
2 short End frame
4 byte Effect A ID
5 byte Param size as shorts
6 short[] Param

Type B effect

Offset Variable Type Description
0 short Trigger frame
2 byte Effect B ID
3 byte Param size as shorts
4 short[] Param

Effect A list

ID Effect Parameter Size
0 Allows controls (But brings to idle animaiton)    
1 Allows controls (But blocks the animation)    
2 Allows controls    
3 Blocks the animation (But disables gravity)    
4 Blocks controls (But allows gravity)    
10 Activates hitbox ? ?
20 Performs a reaction command (On current model) ? ?
23 Draws an additional texture ? ?
25 Performs a reaction command (On another model) ? ?
27 Makes invincible    
30 Blocks everything    
34 Blocks reaction command    
41 Allows controls (But disables model rotation)    

Effect B list

ID Effect Parameter Size
1 Plays PAX sprite PAX sprite ID ?
2 Plays footstep sound Sound ID ?
3 Plays animation in slot 628    
13 Plays an enemy vsb voice vsb ID ?
14 Plays an ally vsb voice vsb ID ?
22 Makes the keyblade appear ? ?
23 Makes model opacity decrease ? ?
24 Makes model opacity increase ? ?
26 Makes a mesh disappear ? ?
27 Makes a mesh appear ? ?
29 Plays a Keyblade appearance sprite