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Kingdom Hearts II - 00objentry.bin

Contains a definition of every object and it’s parameters.


Offset Type Description
00 uint ID
04 byte Object Type
05 byte Subtype
06 byte Draw priority
07 byte Weapon Joint - Points to Sklt
08 char[32] Model Name
28 char[32] Animation Name
48 ushort Flag (unknown)
4A byte Target Type*
4B byte Padding
4C ushort Neo Status
4E ushort Neo Moveset
50 float Weight*
54 byte Spawn Limiter
55 byte Page (unknown)
56 byte Shadow size
57 byte Command Menu Options
58 ushort Spawn additional object 1 - OBJ LIST
5A ushort Spawn additional object 2 - OBJ LIST
5C ushort Spawn additional object 3 - OBJ LIST
5E ushort Spawn additional object 4 - OBJ LIST

*1 Ally damage cap (01 for normal damage, 02 for chip damage…)

*2 The first bit is somewhat related to the enemy state. Eg: Undead Pirates lose their immunity if they are changed from 2 to 0

Object Types

Id Name (ELF) Description
00 PLAYER Player
01 FRIEND Party Member
03 BOSS Boss (makes a finsher required to kill)
04 ZAKO Normal Enemy
05 WEAPON Weapon
06 E_WEAPON Placeholders for ARD files
07 SP World/Save Point
08 F_OBJ Neutral (can be damaged by both allies and enemies)
09 BTLNPC Partner (out of party allies)
0C L_BOSS Large Boss
0D G_OBJ Unknown
0E MEMO Pause Menu Dummy (walking models in Pause Menu)
0F RTN Unknown
10 MINIGAME Unknown
11 WORLDMAP Objects on the World Map
12 PRIZEBOX Drop Item Container
13 SUMMON Summon Partner
14 SHOP Shop Point
15 L_ZAKO Normal Enemy
16 MASSEFFECT Crowd Spawner
17 E_OBJ Unknown
18 JIGSAW Puzzle Piece

Command Menu Options (FM)

Id Description
00 Sora / Roxas
01 Valor Form
02 Wisdom Form
03 Limit Form
04 Master Form
05 Final Form
06 Anti Form
07 Lion King Sora
08 Magic, Drive, Party and Limit commands are greyed out
09 Drive, Party and Limit commands are greyed out (not used ingame)
0A Same as 08, only used in P_EX110_BTLF (Roxas Dual-Wield)
0B Only Attack and Summon commands are available, default
0C Sora in Cube / Card Form (Luxord battle, not used ingame)