This is a centralized place for the documentation and other discoveries about the internal working of Kingdom Hearts games.

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Kingdom Hearts II - MAP files

As the name suggest, this is the file that contains everything about maps but object spawn. A .map file is nothing more than a BAR that contains specific entries.


Always paired with a models and textures to represent the geometry to render a map. Those two files are required or the game would just crash.


Always paired with a models and textures, used to represent the skybox. The skybox is optional. When no skybox files are found, a plain black background will be drawn. Maps like hb38 will not use a skybox at all as they rely to MAP to render a background.


Similar to SK0, but from early tests it just render a brighter skybox. It can be found in maps like tt00.


Object without logic that are embedded into a map, like the train in Twilight Town or the columns in hb38. Often multiple BOB are found in a map and they will be stored sequencially in an array of entities.

Always paired with a models, textures and a stripped version of an ANB. If there are no animations for the BOB model, the animation file will just be 0KB long.


Better known as Background Object Placement, it is found in every map that contains BOB files names as out.bop. It is responsible to let the game know how to place BOB objects to the map.

Offset Type Description
0x00 uint File identifier. Always 8.
0x04 uint Total length of the file, minus the 8 bytes of the header. Divide by 0x68 to find how many descriptor are stored.

BOB entry descriptor

Offset Type Description
0x00 float Position X
0x04 float Position Y
0x08 float Position Z
0x0c float Rotation X
0x10 float Rotation Y
0x14 float Rotation Z
0x18 float Scale X
0x1c float Scale Y
0x20 float Scale Z
0x24 uint BOB index to show
0x28 uint  
0x2c uint  
0x30 uint  
0x34 uint  
0x38 float  
0x3c float  
0x40 float  
0x44 float  
0x48 float  
0x4c float  
0x50 float  
0x54 float  
0x58 float  
0x5c float  
0x60 float  
0x64 float  


A tim2 file used to show the mini-map on the top-right angle of the screen.