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Kingdom Hearts II - DOCT

DOCT is a occlusion culling definition.

The occlusion culling is useful to shorten 3D rendering time. For example, buildings behinds you can be ommitted from rendering.

DOCT uses only bounding boxes to represent the areas that are holding mesh data (VIF packets) to be rendered.

DOCT Structure

BAR Header

Offset Variable Type Description
0 char[4] The identifier of the file (Should be always 0x54434F44)
4 uint32_t Version: always 2
8 uint32_t Unknown
12 uint32_t HeaderOffset: always 0
16 uint32_t HeaderLength: always 0x2C
20 uint32_t Entry1FirstOffset
24 uint32_t Entry1TotalLength
28 uint32_t Entry2FirstOffset
32 uint32_t Entry2TotalLength
36 uint32_t Entry3FirstOffset
40 uint32_t Entry3TotalLength

Table1 (Array of entry1)

Offset Variable Type Description
0 int16_t Child1
2 int16_t Child2
4 int16_t Child3
6 int16_t Child4
8 int16_t Child5
10 int16_t Child6
12 int16_t Child7
14 int16_t Child8
16 float32 MinX
20 float32 MinY
24 float32 MinZ
28 float32 MaxX
32 float32 MaxY
36 float32 MaxZ
40 uint16_t Entry2Index
42 uint16_t Entry2LastIndex
44 uint32_t Unknown

Note : ChildX: -1 to mean nothing to point.

Note : (X,Y,Z) are inverted (-X,-Y,-Z).

Table2 (Array of entry2)

Offset Variable Type Description
0 uint32_t Flags
4 float32 MinX
8 float32 MinY
12 float32 MinZ
16 float32 MaxX
20 float32 MaxY
24 float32 MaxZ

Note : (X,Y,Z) are inverted (-X,-Y,-Z).