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Kingdom Hearts II - file types

Extension Description Tool
IDX File table for an IMG kh.cmd.idximg
IMG Contains a bunch of un/compressed files; they are indexed by IDX kh.cmd.idximg
DBG Binary file; probably used by a debug menu  
BAR Primary file and data container  
2DD A sub-tybe of BAR; usually for menus on the 2D screen buffer  
2LD A sub-tybe of BAR; usually for menus on the 3D screen buffer  
ANB Raw animation data (bone manipulations, positions, etc.)  
DPD Excuted by the graphical effects engine; contains images, 3D models and scripts  
DPX Contains various DPD files  
PAX Graphical effect; contains inside DPX entries  
GBX Gummiship mission map  
IMGD Images rendered on the 2D screen buffer  
FAC A sub-type of IMGD  
IMGZ A container housing multiple IMGDs with separation layers  
ARD Event files containing all sorts of miscellaneous information  
MAP Game map  
MAG A descriptor for magic; contains a PAX inside  
MDLX Container for VIF packets; model data and files like textures  
MSET Moveset; contains effect casters, references ANBs, etc. A sub-type of BAR; usually used in conjunction with MDLX English localized (HD releases based on; PS2 releases based on English localized (Unused except for spelling differences. [US/UK]) German localized  
a.sp Spanish localized French localized Italian localized Non-Final Mix; used only in the JP PS2 Version  
apdx stripped down version of the; used in localization builds of KH2  
SEB Sound effect  
VAG Streamed music or voice (monaural audio)  
VAS Streamed music or voice (stereo audio)  
VSB A sub-type of BAR; contains VAG  
BGM Midi-like file  
WD Instruents for BGM files