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Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Characters

Most of the character and party data can be manipulated using a SQLite database.

Documented IDs

Character AssetBundle Name PartyTable ID
Sora (KH1) character0000000 110000000
Donald character0000001 110000001
Goofy character0000002 110000002
Riku (DDD) character0000003 110000003
Meow Wow character0000004 110000004
Komory Bat character0000005 110000005
Roxas character0000006 110000006
Axel character0000007 110000007
Xion character0000008 110000008
Ventus character0000009 110000009
Terra character0000010 110000010
Aqua character0000011 110000011
Mickey (KH2/DDD) character0000012 110000012
Aladdin character0000014 110000014
Ariel character0000015 110000015
Peter Pan character0000016 110000016
Beast character0000017 110000017
Hercules character0000018 110000018
Mulan character0000019 110000019
Simba character0000020 110000020
Experiment 626 character0000029 110000029
Mickey (DAYS) character0000030 110000030
Mickey (BBS) character0000031 110000031
Riku (KH1) character0000032 110000032
Sora (KH3) character0000033 110000033
Kairi (KH3) character0000034 110000034

Issues with Characters