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Kingdom Hearts III Save - Pawns

The offset that contains the pawn path is located at 0xBD58.

Some maps overrides the pawn path contained in the save data, loading an hard coded value. The only known map that allows to load a custom pawn is tt_50.

Player Character


Pawn Description
p_bx001 Sora (Baymax)
p_ca001 Sora (Caribbean)
p_dl001 Sora (Yozora world)
p_zz001 Sora (Debug Mod)
p_ew001 Sora (Partially Faded Final World Model)
p_ex001 Sora
p_ex002 Aqua
p_ex003 Riku (KH3 Long Hair)
p_ex004 Riku (KH3)
p_ex005 Sora (KH1)
p_ex006 Kairi
p_ex007 Roxas
p_ex011 Sora (KH2)
p_mi001 Sora (Monstropolis)
p_po001 Sora (Pooh)
p_re001 Sora (Remy)
p_ts001 Sora (Toy Story)



Pawn Description
n_bt201 Young Xehanort (Chess)
n_bt202 Young Eraqus (Chess)
n_bx201 Baymax
n_bx202 Baymax (Suit)
n_bx203 Hiro
n_bx204 Hiro (Suit)
n_bx206 GoGo (Suit)
n_bx208 Honey Lemon (Suit)
n_bx210 Wasabi (Suit)
n_bx212 Fred (Suit)
n_ca001 Donald (Pirates of the Caribbean)
n_ca002 Goofy (Pirates of the Caribbean)
n_ca201 Captain Jack
n_ca202 Will Turner
n_ca204 Elizabeth Swann
n_ca205 Barbossa
n_ca206 Calypso/Tia Dalma
n_ca209 Cutler Beckett
n_ca210 Joshamee Gibbs
n_db217 Chirithy
n_db218 Ephemer
n_dw003 Mickey (0.2)
n_dw202 Riku (KH1)
n_dw205 Ansem the Wise (Coat)
n_dw208 Ansem the Wise (Coat Unhooded)
n_ew001 Donald (Monsters Inc)
n_ew002 Goofy
n_ew003 Mickey (?)
n_ew004 Riku (?)
n_ew005 Aqua (?)
n_ew006 Ventus (?)
n_ew007 Lea (?)
n_ew008 Sora (Final World Clones)
n_ex001 Donald
n_ex002 Goofy
n_ex003 Mickey (KH3)
n_ex004 Riku (KH3)
n_ex005 Kairi (KH3)
n_ex006 Ventus
n_ex007 Terra, is that you?!
n_ex008 Roxas
n_ex009 Roxas (Coat)
n_ex010 Lea (Coat)
n_ex011 Darqua (Dark Aqua)
n_ex013 Naminé
n_ex014 Moogle
n_ex015 Dilan
n_ex016 Evan
n_ex017 Aeleus
n_ex018 Ienzo
n_ex023 Sora (KH3)
n_ex024 Eraqus
n_ex028 Moogle (With Balloon)
n_ex029 Lingering Will
n_ex033 Xion (Coat)
n_ex034 Riku Replica (Coat)
n_ex035 Riku Replica (Coat Hooded)
n_ex036 Evan (Coat)
n_ex037 Evan (Coat Hooded)
n_ex038 Replica Body
n_ex039 Replica Body (Coat)
n_ex040 Aqua (No Cloth)
n_ex041 Roxas (Coat Hooded)
n_ex042 Xehanort (Shadow Form)
n_ex100 Maleficent
n_ex101 Pete
n_ex102 Jiminy Cricket
n_ex103 Chip
n_ex104 Dale
n_ex105 Pluto
n_ex106 Minnie
n_ex107 Daisy
n_ex108 Scrooge
n_ex109 Huey (?)
n_ex110 Dewey (?)
n_ex111 Louie (?)
n_ex112 Merlin
n_fz201 Anna
n_fz202 Elsa
n_fz203 Kristoff
n_fz204 Sven
n_fz205 Olaf
n_fz206 Hans
n_fz207 Elsa (Coronation)
n_fz208 Anna (Young)
n_fz209 Elsa (Young)
n_fz211 Anna (?)
n_fz212 Anna (?)
n_fz213 Kristoff (?)
n_fz214 Marshmallow
n_fz215 Anna (?)
n_fz216 Anna (?)
n_he201 Hercules
n_he202 Megara
n_he203 Phil
n_he204 Hades
n_he205 Pegasus
n_he206 Zeus
n_he208 Hermes
n_he211 Apollo
n_he212 Athena
n_he213 Athena’s Bird
n_he214 ?
n_mi001 Donald (Monsters Inc)
n_mi002 Goofy (Monsters Inc)
n_mi201 Sulley
n_mi202 Mike
n_mi203 Randall
n_mi204 Boo
n_mi901 CDA Agent #1
n_mi902 CDA Agent #2
n_mi903 CDA Agent #3
n_po201 Winnie the Pooh
n_po202 Piglet
n_po203 Tigger
n_po204 Rabbit
n_po205 Roo
n_po206 Lumpy
n_po207 Gopher
n_ra201 Rapunzel (No Hair)
n_ra202 Rapunzel’s Short Hair
n_ra203 Flynn Rider
n_ra204 Maximus
n_ra205 Pascal
n_ra207 Mother Gothel
n_ra208 Mother Gothel (Hooded)
n_ra209 Rapunzel’s Long Hair
n_ra210 Animal (Rabbit)
n_ra211 Animal (Bird)
n_ra212 Rapunzel’s Long Hair
n_ra214 Mother Gothel (Old)
n_ra215 Butterfly
n_ra216 Mother Gothel (Old Hooded)
n_ra217 Rapunzel’s Long Hair (?)
n_ra218 Rapunzel’s Long Hair (?)
n_re201 Remy
n_ts001 Donald (Toy Story)
n_ts002 Goofy (Toy Story)
n_ts201 Woody
n_ts202 Buzz
n_ts204 Rex
n_ts205 Hamm
n_ts206 Alien
n_ts207 Soldier
n_ts208 Binoculars
n_ts209 Rifle
n_ts212 Rocket
n_ts804 Hanging Toy
n_tt201 Hayner
n_tt202 Pence
n_tt203 Olette
n_yt003 Mickey
n_yt004 Riku (KH 0.2)
n_yt005 Kairi (KH2)
n_yt201 Yen Sid
n_zz001 Rapunzel’s Long Hair (?)



Pawn Description
e_bx001 Shadow (Flash Tracer)
e_bx009 Soldier (Flash Tracer)
e_bx016 Neoshadow (Flash Tracer)
e_bx037 Gold Beat (Flash Tracer)
e_bx044 Pole Cannon (Flash Tracer)
e_bx048 Tireblade (Flash Tracer)
e_bx059 Metal Troll
e_bx063 Metal Troll Axe
e_bx079 Gold Beat Back Piece 1
e_bx080 Gold Beat Back Piece 2
e_bx083 Rocket (Pole Cannon)
e_bx084 Pole (Pole Cannon)
e_bx901 Dark Baymax
e_bx902 Darkubes (Single)
e_bx903 Darkubes (Disc)
e_bx905 Darkubes (Huge Block)
e_bx906 Dark Baymax
e_bx907 Darkubes (Stack)
e_ca002 Large Body
e_ca004 Water Core
e_ca005 Earth Core
e_ca035 Powerwild
e_ca036 Marine Rumba
e_ca037 Gold Beat
e_ca038 Malachite Bolero
e_ca041 Sandworm (name?)
e_ca047 Lich
e_ca110 Gambler
e_ca401 Ship Sails
e_ca402 Ship Sails
e_ca403 Ship Sails
e_ca404 Ship Sails
e_ca405 Ship Sails
e_ca411 Ship Base
e_ca412 Ship Base
e_ca413 Wrecked Ship
e_ca414 Wrecked Ship
e_ca415 Flying Dutchman (Ship Base)
e_ca421 Ship
e_ca901 Davy Jones
e_dw401 Demon Tide
e_dw402 Demon Tower
e_dw407 Darkside
e_ex001 Shadow
e_ex002 Large Body
e_ex003 Flame Core
e_ex004 Water Core
e_ex005 Earth Core
e_ex006 Satyr
e_ex007 Bizarre Archer
e_ex008 Arrow (Bizarre Archer)
e_ex009 Soldier
e_ex010 Air Soldier
e_ex011 Chaos Carriage
e_ex012 Chief Puff/Puffball Stack (?)
e_ex013 Chief Puff
e_ex014 Puffball
e_ex015 Toy Trooper
e_ex016 Neoshadow
e_ex017 Vermilion Samba
e_ex018 Gigas
e_ex020 Marionette
e_ex021 Raging Vulture
e_ex024 Sword
e_ex025 Sword
e_ex026 Vaporfly
e_ex027 Lightning Angler
e_ex028 Sea Sprite
e_ex032 Gigas
e_ex033 Gigas
e_ex035 Powerwild
e_ex036 Marine Rumba
e_ex037 Gold Beat
e_ex038 Malachite Bolero
e_ex039 Parasol Beauty
e_ex041 Sandworm (name?)
e_ex042 Anchor Raider
e_ex043 Dark Inferno
e_ex044 Pole Cannon
e_ex045 Winterhorn
e_ex046 Frost Serpent
e_ex047 Lich
e_ex048 Tireblade
e_ex049 Cherry Flan
e_ex050 Strawberry Flan
e_ex051 Orange Flan
e_ex052 Banana Flan
e_ex053 Grape Flan
e_ex054 Catastrochorus
e_ex055 Honeydew Flan
e_ex056 Watermelon Flan
e_ex057 Watermelon
e_ex058 Pancakes (?) w/ Fruit
e_ex059 Rock Troll
e_ex061 Popcat
e_ex063 Rock Troll Axe
e_ex064 Kraken Tentacle (Davy Jones Fight)
e_ex065 Vitality Popcat
e_ex066 Magic Popcat
e_ex067 Focus Popcat
e_ex068 Munny Popcat
e_ex069 Chain links (Anchor Raider)(?)
e_ex070 Anchor (Anchor Raider)(?)
e_ex071 Kraken Tentacle (Davy Jones Fight)
e_ex072 Spear Lizard
e_ex073 Pogo Shovel
e_ex075 Gigas Arms?
e_ex076 Gigas Arms?
e_ex077 Gigas Arms?
e_ex078 Vermillion Samba Back Piece
e_ex079 Gold Beat Back Piece 1
e_ex080 Gold Beat Back Piece 2
e_ex081 Fluttering
e_ex082 Frost Serpent (Grounded)
e_ex083 Rocket (Pole Cannon)
e_ex084 Pole (Pole Cannon)
e_ex085 Gigas (Beat of Lead)(?)
e_ex086 Gigas (Beat of Lead)(?)
e_ex087 Gigas (Beat of Lead)(?)
e_ex088 Gigas Arms?
e_ex089 Gigas Arms?
e_ex090 Gigas Arms?
e_ex091 Gigas Prime (?)
e_ex092 Gigas Prime (?)
e_ex093 Mechanitaur
e_ex094 High Soldier
e_ex095 Helmed Body
e_ex101 Dusk
e_ex105 Sorcerer
e_ex106 Sniper
e_ex107 Berserker
e_ex108 Berserker (Size Change)
e_ex110 Gambler
e_ex113 Reaper
e_ex114 Ninja
e_ex116 Vines (Reaper)(?)
e_ex201 Flood
e_ex202 Flowersnake
e_ex203 Spiked Turtletoad
e_ex204 Spike
e_ex205 Turtletoad
e_ex301 Xehanort
e_ex302 Young Xehanort
e_ex303 Ansem (Coat)
e_ex304 Xemnas
e_ex305 Xigbar
e_ex306 Saix
e_ex307 Luxord
e_ex308 Marluxia
e_ex309 Larxene
e_ex310 Xion (Hooded)
e_ex311 Vanitas
e_ex312 Terra-Xehanort
e_ex313 Riku Replica
e_ex314 Vanitas (Coat Hooded)
e_ex315 Vanitas (No Mask)
e_ex316 Ansem
e_ex317 Vanitas (Coat)
e_ex318 Young Xehanort (Hooded)
e_ex319 Demyx
e_ex320 Luxord (Hooded)
e_ex321 Hooded Organization Member
e_ex322 Anti-Aqua
e_ex323 Xigbar Arm
e_ex324 Xigbar Arm (?)
e_ex325 Terra-Xehanort
e_ex326 Xehanort’s Guardian
e_ex327 Luxord
e_ex328 Hooded Organization Member
e_ex329 Vanitas
e_ex330 Larxene (Hooded)
e_ex331 Hooded Organization Member
e_ex332 Hooded Organization Member
e_ex333 Hooded Organization Member
e_ex334 Hooded Organization Member
e_ex335 Hooded Organization Member
e_ex336 Xion (Hooded)
e_ex337 Vanitas (Coat Hooded)
e_ex338 Young Xehanort (Hooded)
e_ex339 Marluxia (Hooded)
e_ex340 Riku Repilica (Coat Hooded)
e_ex341 Luxord (Hooded)
e_ex351 Young Xehanort (LimitCut)
e_ex352 Ansem (LimitCut)
e_ex353 Xemnas (LimitCut)
e_ex354 Xigbar (LimitCut)
e_ex355 Saix (LimitCut)
e_ex356 Luxord (LimitCut)
e_ex357 Marluxia (LimitCut)
e_ex358 Larxene (LimitCut)
e_ex359 Xion (LimitCut)
e_ex360 Vanitas (LimitCut)
e_ex361 Dark Riku (LimitCut)
e_ex362 Terra-Xehanort (LimitCut)
e_ex367 Master Xehanort (LimitCut)
e_ex407 Darkside
e_ex408 Xehanort’s Guardian
e_ex409 Darkside (ReMind)
e_ex701 Lump of Horror
e_ex702 Lump of Horror (Form 2)
e_ex703 Lump of Horror (Hand)
e_ex711 King of Toys
e_ex712 Rocket (King of Toys)
e_ex721 Grim Guardianess
e_ex722 Tree Root (Grim Guardianess)
e_ex723 Crow (Grim Guardianess)
e_ex724 Bomb (Grim Guardianess)
e_ex725 Flower Trap (Grim Guardianess)
e_ex726 Vines (Spread)
e_ex727 Vines (Single)
e_ex731 Skoll
e_ex732 Wolf Head (Skoll)
e_ex751 Dark Inferno χ
e_ex761 Xehanort Replica
e_ex771 Xehanort (Keyblade Armor)
e_ex772 Xehanort (Keyblade Armor)(Cracked)
e_ex773 Xehanort (ReMind)(Keyblade Armor)
e_ex774 Xehanort (ReMind)(Keyblade Armor)(Cracked)
e_ex781 Yozora
e_ex801 Supreme Smasher
e_ex806 Beasts & Bugs
e_ex816 Angelic Amber
e_ex819 Orchestra Frog #1
e_ex820 Orchestra Frog #2
e_ex821 Orchestra Frog #3
e_ex822 Orchestra Frog #4
e_ex823 Orchestra Frog #5
e_ex824 Orchestra Frog #6
e_ex825 Orchestra Frog #7
e_ex826 Orchestra Frog #8
e_ex827 Orchestra Frog #9
e_ex830 Patchwork Animal (Bear)
e_ex831 Patchwork Animal (Lion)
e_ex832 Air Droid
e_ex833 Air Droid
e_ex834 Air Droid
e_ex840 Bouncy Pet (Pig)
e_ex841 Bouncy Pet (Dog)
e_ex842 Bouncy Pet (Cat)
e_ex843 Bouncy Pet (Elephant)
e_ex844 Bouncy Pet (Cow)
e_ex845 Bouncy Pet (Frog)
e_fz903 Marshmallow
e_he001 Rock Titan
e_he902 Ice Titan
e_he903 Tornado Titan
e_he904 Lava Titan



Pawn Description
w_aq010 Master’s Defender
w_bx010 Baymax Gloves
w_ca010 Bomb
w_ca020 Sword
w_ca030 Bomb (?)
w_db010 Starlight
w_db020 The Gazing Eye
w_do010 Mage’s Staff
w_do020 Mage’s Staff+
w_do030 Warhammer
w_do040 Warhammer+
w_do050 Magician’s Wand
w_do060 Magician’s Wand+
w_do070 Nirvana
w_do080 Nirvana+
w_do090 Astrolabe
w_do100 Astrolabe+
w_do110 Heartless Maul
w_do120 Heartless Maul+
w_do130 Save The Queen
w_do140 Save The Queen+
w_ex010 Star Seeker
w_ex020 Kingdom Key D
w_ex030 Wayward Wind
w_ex040 Earthshaker
w_ex050 Rainfell
w_ex060 Destiny’s Embrace
w_ex070 Flame Liberator
w_ex080 Way to the Dawn
w_ex081 Way to the Dawn (Broken)
w_ex090 Oathkeeper (Roxas keyblade)
w_ex100 Oblivion (Roxas keyblade)
w_ex110 Kingdom Key W (Star Cluster)
w_ex120 Braveheart
w_ex130 Ends of the Earth
w_ex210 The Gazing Eye
w_ex220 Young Xehanort Keyblade
w_ex230 Xigbar’s Arrowgun #1
w_ex231 Xigbar’s Arrowgun #2
w_ex240 Saïx’s Claymore
w_ex250 Luxord’s Cards
w_ex260 Marluxia’s Scythe
w_ex270 Larxene’s Kunai
w_ex280 Kingdom Key (Xion keyblade)
w_ex290 Void Gear
w_ex300 Soul Eater
w_ex340 Demyx’s Sitar
w_ex350 χ-blade
w_ex360 DDD Combined Keyblade
w_ex380 The Gazing Eye
w_ex390 The Gazing Eye
w_ex400 The Gazing Eye
w_ex410 Kingdom Key W (Star Cluster)
w_ex420 Yozora´s Sword
w_ex422 Yozora´s Gun
w_ex429 Yozora´s Robot
w_gu010 Knight’s Shield
w_gu020 Knight’s Shield+
w_gu030 Clockwork Shield
w_gu040 Clockwork Shield+
w_gu050 Star Shield
w_gu060 Star Shield+
w_gu070 Aegis Shield
w_gu080 Aegis Shield+
w_gu090 Storm Anchor
w_gu100 Storm Anchor+
w_gu110 Nobody Guard
w_gu120 Nobody Guard+
w_gu130 Save The King
w_gu140 Save The King+
w_ra010 Frying Pan
w_so010 Kingdom Key
w_so020 Shooting Star
w_so021 Shooting Star Formchanges
w_so022 Shooting Star Arrowgun #1
w_so023 Shooting Star Arrowgun #2
w_so024 Shooting Star Magic Launcher
w_so030 Hero’s Origin
w_so031 Hero’s Origin Formchanges
w_so032 Hero’s Origin Shield
w_so033 Hero’s Origin Shield (?)
w_so034 Hero’s Origin Shield (?)
w_so035 Hero’s Origin Cart
w_so036 Hero’s Origin Pegasus
w_so037 Hero’s Origin Fist
w_so040 Hunny Spout
w_so041 Hunny Spout Formchanges
w_so042 Hunny Spout Hunny Blaster #1
w_so043 Hunny Spout Hunny Blaster #2
w_so044 Hunny Spout Hunny Launcher
w_so050 Favorite Deputy
w_so051 Favorite Deputy Formchanges
w_so052 Favorite Deputy Hyper Hammer
w_so053 Favorite Deputy Drill Punch
w_so060 Happy Gear
w_so061 Happy Gear Formchanges
w_so062 Happy Gear Agile Claw #1
w_so063 Happy Gear Agile Claw #2
w_so064 Happy Gear Yo-Yo #1
w_so065 Happy Gear Yo-Yo #2
w_so070 Ever After
w_so071 Ever After Formchanges
w_so072 Ever After Mirage Staff
w_so073 Ever After Tower
w_so080 Crystal Snow
w_so081 Crystal Snow Formchanges
w_so082 Crystal Snow Claw #1
w_so083 Crystal Snow Claw #2
w_so084 Crystal Snow Blade #1
w_so085 Crystal Snow Blade #2
w_so086 Crystal Snow Skate #1
w_so087 Crystal Snow Skate #2
w_so088 Crystal Snow Platform
w_so090 Wheel of Fate
w_so091 Wheel of Fate Formchanges
w_so092 Wheel of Fate Highwind
w_so093 Wheel of Fate Storm Flag
w_so110 Classic Tone
w_so111 Classic Tone Formchanges
w_so112 Classic Tone Boom Hammer
w_so113 Classic Tone Clock Drill
w_so114 Classic Tone Clock
w_so120 Dawn Till Dusk / Elemental Encoder
w_so140 Grand Chef
w_so141 Grand Chef Formchanges
w_so142 Grand Chef Pan
w_so143 Grand Chef Pan (?)
w_so144 Grand Chef Pan (?)
w_so145 Grand Chef Pan (?)
w_so150 Starlight
w_so160 Midnight Blue
w_so170 Nano Gear
w_so172 Nano Gear Formchanges
w_so173 Nano Gear Fist
w_so174 Nano Gear Arms
w_so180 Phantom Green
w_so190 Ultima Weapon
w_so191 Ultima Weapon Formchanges
w_so192 Ultima Weapon Formchange weapon
w_so200 Oathkeeper (Sora)
w_so210 Oblivion (Sora)
w_so999 ???