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Kingdom Hearts II - Preferences

Pref file inside 03system.

Defines preferences. It is a BAR file containing the following subfiles:

File Description
plyr Player
fmab Form Abilities
prty Party
sstm System
magi Magic


Each pointer leads to a specific entry’s offset.

Plyr Structure

Amount Description
1 Pointer Count [uint]
59 Pointers [uint]
10 Plyr Entries

Plyr Entry

Offset Variable Type Description
0 float Attack Y Offset
4 float Attack Radius
8 float Attack Min H
12 float Attack Max H
16 float Attack V Angle
20 float Attack V Range
24 float Attack S Range
28 float Attack H Angle
32 float Attack U Min H
36 float Attack U Max H
40 float Attack U Range
44 float Attack J Front
48 float Attack Air Min H
52 float Attack Air Max H
56 float Attack Air Big H Offset
60 float Attack UV0
64 float Attack JV0
68 float Attack First V0
72 float Attack Combo V0
76 float Attack Finish V0
80 float Blow Recovery H
84 float Blow Recovery V
88 float Blow Recovery Time
92 float Auto Lock On Range
96 float Auto Lock On Min H
100 float Auto Lock On Max H
104 float Auto Lock On Time
108 float Auto Lock On H Adjust
112 float Auto Lock On Inner Adjust


Each pointer leads to a specific entry’s offset.

Fmab Structure

Amount Description
1 Pointer Count [uint]
5 Pointers [uint]
5 Fmab Entries

Fmab Entry

Offset Variable Type Description
0 float High Jump Height
4 float Air Dodge Height
8 float Air Dodge Speed
12 float Air Slide Time
16 float Air Slide Speed
20 float Air Slide Brake
24 float Air Slide Stop Brake
28 float Air Slide Star Time
32 float Glide Speed
36 float Glide Fall Ratio
40 float Glide Fall Height
44 float Glide Fall Max
48 float Glide Acceleration
52 float Glide Start Height
56 float Glide End Height
60 float Glide Turn Speed
64 float Dodge Roll Star Time


Each pointer leads to a specific entry’s offset.

Prty Structure

Amount Description
1 Pointer Count [uint]
70 Pointers [uint]
5 Prty Entries

Prty Entry

Offset Variable Type Description
0 float Walk Speed
4 float Run Speed
8 float Jump Height
12 float Turn Speed
16 float Hang Height
20 float Hang Margin
24 float Stun Time
28 float Mp Drive
32 float Up Down Speed
36 float Dash Speed
40 float Acceleration
44 float Brake
48 float Subjective Offset


Each pointer leads to a specific entry’s offset.

Sstm Structure

Amount Description
1 Pointer Count [uint]
1 Pointers [uint]
1 Sstm Entries

Sstm Entry

Offset Variable Type Description
0 float Ceiling Stop
4 float Ceiling Disable Command Time
8 float Hang Range H
12 float Hang Range L
16 float Hang Range XZ
20 float Fall Max
24 float Blow Brake XZ
28 float Blow Min XZ
32 float Blow Brake Up
36 float Blow Up
40 float Blow Speed
44 float Blow To Hit Back
48 float Hit Back
52 float Hit Back Small
56 float Hit Back To Jump
60 float Fly Blow Brake
64 float Fly Blow Stop
68 float Fly Blow Up Adjust
72 float Magic Jump
76 float Lock On Range
80 float Lock On Release Range
84 float Stun Recovery
88 float Stun Recovery Hp
92 float Stun Relax
96 float Drive Enemy
100 float Change Time Enemy
104 float Drive Time
108 float Drive Time Relax
112 float Change Time Add Rate
116 float Change Time Sub Rate
120 float Mp Drive Rate
124 float Mp To Mp Drive
128 float Summon Time Relax
132 float Summon Pray Time
136 float Summon Pray Time Skip
140 int Anti Form Drive Count
144 int Anti Form Sub Count
148 float Anti Form Damage Rate
152 float Final Form Rate
156 float Final Form Mul Rate
160 float Final Form Max Rate
164 int Final Form Sub Count
168 float Attack Distance To Speed
172 float Al Carpet Dash Inner
176 float Al Carpet Dash Delay
180 float Al Carpet Dash Acceleration
184 float Al Carpet Dash Brake
188 float Lk Dash Drift Inner
192 float Lk Dash Drift Time
196 float Lk Dash Acceleration Drift
200 float Lk Dash Acceleration Stop
204 float Lk Dash Drift Speed
208 float Lk Magic Jump
212 float Mickey Charge Wait
216 float Mickey Down Rate
220 float Mickey Min Rate
224 float Lm Swim Speed
228 float Lm Swim Control
232 float Lm Swim Acceleration
236 float Lm Dolphin Acceleration
240 float Lm Dolphin Speed Max
244 float Lm Dolphin Speed Min
248 float Lm Dolphin Speed Max Distance
252 float Lm Dolphin Speed Min Distance
256 float Lm Dolphin Rotation Max
260 float Lm Dolphin Rotation Distance
264 float Lm Dolphin Rotation Max Distance
268 float Lm Dolphin Distance To Time
272 float Lm Dolphin Time Max
276 float Lm Dolphin Time Min
280 float Lm Dolphin Near Speed
284 int Drive Berserk Attack
288 float Mp Haste
292 float Mp Hastera
296 float Mp Hastega
300 float Draw Range
304 int Combo Damage Up
308 int Reaction Damage Up
312 float Damage Drive
316 float Drive Boost
320 float Form Boost
324 float Exp Chance
328 int Defender
332 int Element Up
336 float Damage Aspir
340 float Hyper Heal
344 float Combination Boost
348 float Prize Up
352 float Luck Up
356 int Item Up
360 float Auto Heal
364 float Summon Boost
368 float Drive Convert
372 float Defense Master
376 int Defense Master Ratio


Each pointer leads to a specific entry’s offset.

Magi Structure

Amount Description
1 Pointer Count [uint]
36 Pointers [uint]
5 Magi Entries

Magi Entry

* NOTE: Each entry is 124 bytes long, so the info for the fields is wrong somewhere.

Offset Variable Type Description
0 float Fire Radius
4 float Fire Height
8 float Fire Time
12 float Blizzard Fade Time
16 float Blizzard Time
20 float Blizzard Speed
24 float Blizzard Radius
28 float Blizzard Hit Back
32 float Thunder No Target Distance
36 float Thunder Border Height
40 float Thunder No Target Height
44 float Thunder Check Height
48 float Thunder Burst Radius
52 float Thunder Height
56 float Thunder Radius
60 float Thunder Attack Wait
64 float Thunder Time
68 float Cure Range
72 float Magnet Min Y Offset
76 float Magnet large Time
80 float Magnet Stay Time
84 float Magnet Small Time
88 float Magnet Radius
92 float Reflect Radius
96 float Reflect Laser Time
100 float Reflect Finish Time
104 float Reflect Lv1 Radius
108 float Reflect Lv1 Height
112 int Reflect Lv2 Count
116 float Reflect Lv2 Radius
120 float Reflect Lv2 Height
124 int Reflect Lv3 Count
128 float Reflect Lv3 Radius
132 float Reflect Lv3 Height