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Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - PMO files

The filename structure is as follows:

Category + ID + World + SubId

Eg: B00JB00 -> B 00 JB 00


ID Category
B Bosses
F Field items
G Interactables (Not necessarily by the player)
H Characters
M Monsters
P Players
W Weapons


SubIds are used for different versions of a model (Eg: Eraqus normal and Eraqus with scars) or related models (Eg: Keyblades and Keychains) In the model list SubIds are ignored to keep it small.

PMO files



Filename Description
B00JB Twilight Thorn
B01CD Symphony Master
B01DC Pete (Dark) (Car)
B01EX Misterious Figure
B01HE Hades (Angry)
B01LS Metamorphosis (White)
B01PP Captain Hook
B01RG Trinity Armor (Body)
B01SB Maleficent
B01SW Mad Treant
B01VS Mimic Master
B02CD Symphony Master - Trumpet
B02DC Pete (Dark)
B02EX Dark Hide
B02LS Metamorphosis (White)
B02PP Tick Tock the crocodile
B02RG Trinity Armor (Arms)
B02SW Mad Treant - Fruit
B02VS Mimic Master - Torn Page (Unversed symbol)
B03CD Symphony Master - Violin
B03DC Pete (Justice)
B03RG Trinity Armor (Lower Body)
B03SB Maleficent (Dragon)
B03SW Mad Treant - Rocket fruit
B03VS Mimic Master - Torn Page (Terra)
B04CD Symphony Master - Drum
B04RG Trinity Armor (Left arm with blades)
B05CD Symphony Master - Baton
B05RG Trinity Armor (Lower body compact)
B06RG Trinity Armor (Right arm)
B07RG Trinity Armor (Left arm)
B08RG Trinity Armor (Legs)
B10CD Cursed Coach
B10DC Chip
B10EX Vanitas
B10HE Ice Titan
B10LS Gantu
B10SB Wheel Master
B10SW Magic Mirror
B10VS Iron Imprisoner 1
B11EX Vanitas (Helmetless, Broken X-Blade)
B11HE Ice Titan - Right foot
B11SB Wheel Master - Arm
B11SW Magic Mirror (Serious face)
B11VS Iron Imprisoner 2
B12EX Vanitas Remnant
B12HE Ice Titan - Left foot
B12SB Wheel Master - Wheel
B12SW Magic Mirror (Open mouth)
B12VS Iron Imprisoner 3
B13HE Ice Titan - Right foot 2
B13SW Magic Mirror (Low quality)
B13VS Iron Imprisoner 4
B14HE Ice Titan - Left foot 2
B14VS Iron Imprisoner - Cage
B20CD Lucifer
B20DC Dale
B20EX Eraqus
B20HE Hercules
B200LS Experiment 221
B20PP Peter Pan
B20VS Mad Treant (OG)
B21HE Hercules 2
B21LS Experiment 221 - Body when dashing
B21VS Mad Treant - Fruit (OG)
B22LS Experiment 221 room robot arm
B22V Mad Treant - Rocket fruit (OG)
B23LS Experiment 221 room robot arm 2
B30EX Braig (Patch)
B30HE Zack
B30VS Symphony Master (OG)
B31EX Braig - Projectile
B31VS Symphony Master - Trumpet (OG)
B32EX Braig
B32VS Symphony Master - Violin (OG)
B33VS Symphony Master - Drum (OG)
B34VS Symphony Master - Baton (OG)
B40EX Xehanort
B40HE Zack (Helmetless)
B40VS Cursed Coach (OG)
B41EX The Gazing Eye / No Name
B41VS Thornbite
B42EX The Gazing Eye / No Name - Keychain
B50EX Terranort / Terra - Xehanort
B50VS Wheel Master (OG)
B51EX Terranort / Terra - Xehanort (Slightly higher quality?)
B51VS Wheel Master - Arm (OG)
B52EX Terranort / Terra - Xehanort 2
B52VS Wheel Master - Wheel (OG)
B53EX The Gazing Eye / No Name 2
B54EX The Gazing Eye / No Name - Keychain 2
B55EX Ends of the Earth - Morphed
B56EX Dark Figure (Xehanort’s Guardian)
B60EX Ventus
B60VS Zack 2
B61EX Wayward Wind
B61VS Mirage Arena wall (Triangle down)
B62EX Ventus (Armored)
B62VS Mirage Arena wall (L)
B63EX Vanitas (Ventus face, X-Blade)
B63VS Mirage Arena wall (Triangle up)
B64EX Ventus 2
B64VS Mirage Arena wall (L inverted)
B65EX X-Blade
B65VS Mirage Arena wall (Triangle down) 2
B66VS Mirage Arena wall (diamond)
B67VS Mirage Arena wall (L) 2
B68VS Mirage Arena wall (Triangle up) 2
B69EX Ventus 3
B70EX Terra
B71EX Ends of the Earth
B72EX Terra (Armored)
B73EX Terra 2
B79EX Terra 3
B80EX Aqua
B80VS Hades (Angry) 2
B81EX Stormfall
B81VS Armor of the Master (Eraqus armored)
B82EX Aqua (Armored)
B82VS No Heart (Xehanort armored) (Sleeves)
B83EX Aqua 2
B83VS Monstro
B84VS The Gazing Eye / No Name (Barrier, Textureless)
B85VS No Heart (Xehanort armored)
B86VS No Hearts’s sleeve
B87VS The Gazing Eye / No Name (Textureless)
B88VS The Gazing Eye / No Name - Keychain (Textureless?)
B89EX Aqua 3
B90EX Graveyard Keyblade 1
B90VS Ice Titan 2
B91EX Graveyard Keyblade 2
B91VS The Gazing Eye / No Name (Wings)
B92EX Graveyard Keyblade 3
B92VS The Gazing Eye / No Name (Arm)
B93EX Graveyard Keyblade 3 (Clean)
B93VS The Gazing Eye / No Name (Leg)
B94EX Graveyard Keyblade 4 (Clean)
B94VS The Gazing Eye / No Name (Barrier)
B95EX Graveyard Keyblade 5
B96EX Graveyard Keyblade 6
B97EX Graveyard Keyblade 7
B98EX Graveyard Keyblade 8
B99EX Graveyard Keyblade 9

Field items

Filename Description
F01CD Cinderella’s crystal shoe
F01DC Seasalt ice cream
F01DI Papou fruit
F01DP Ventus’s wooden keyblade
F01HE Coliseum entry
F01JB KH 3D demo screen
F01KG Keyblade Graveyard mountain
F01PP Peter Pan’s treasure chest
F01RG Disney Town’s passport
F01SB Sleeping Beauty’s spinning wheel (Textureless)
F01SW Dwarf pickaxe
F01YT Yen Sid’s book
F02CD Cinderella’s carriage
F02DI Destiny Islands’s boat
F02DP Wayfinders
F02EX (Triangle)
F02KG Keyblade Graveyard high mountain
F02LS Stitch’s Wayfinder
F02PP Peter Pan’s treasure map
F02SB Thorn tree shadow
F02SW Snow White’s glass coffin
F02YT Yen Sid’s stains
F03CD Cinderella’s magical pumpkin
F03DP Wooden sword
F03EX Mickey’s Star shard
F03HE Zack’s helmet
F03KG Keyblade Graveyard mountain 2
F03LS Deep Space’s Federation Ship
F03PP Peter Pan’s treasure map (Rolled)
F03RG Door to Darkness
F03SB Thorn tree shadow
F03SW Snow White’s flowers
F03YT Star Seeker
F04CD Cinderella’s pink dress
F04DC Ice cream cone
F04DI Destiny Island’s palm tree
F04DP Land of Departure castle (Night)
F04EX (Sphere)
F04HE Greek vase
F04KG Keyblade Graveyard mountain 3
F04LS Deep Space’s police ship
F04RG Chain (To tie Xehanort)
F04SW Snow White’s heart box
F04YT Yen Sid’s flood water
F05CD Lucifer’s cage
F05DI Destiny Island’s palm tree 2
F05DP Land of Departure’s spiral hill
F05EX (Unknown)
F05HE Zack’s sword
F05KG Graveyard’s keyblade stream
F05LS Stitch’s ship
F05PP Spyglass
F05RG Winnie the Pooh book
F05SW Magic Mirror’s glass
F06CD Cinderella’s chair
F06DI Mount top
F06DP Land of Departure’s chains
F06HE Sephiroth’s feather
F06KG Graveyard’s keyblade
F06LS Test flask
F06PP Cannonball
F06RG Kairi’s flowers
F06SW Snow White’s apple
F07DP Wayfinders
F07KG Vanitas’s helmet (Visor)
F07LS Experiment 221’s ball
F07PP Neverland’s boat
F07RG Aqua’s armor
F07SB Phillip’s sword
F07SW Snow White’s door
F08CD Cinderella’s horse
F08DP Land of Departure chain
F08KG Keyblade Graveyard’s cross path
F08LS Stitch’s wayfinder (Broken)
F08PP Tinker Bell’s lamp
F08RG Greek coin
F08SB Phillip’s cage’s chain
F08SW Magic Mirror’s frame
F09DP Vanitas’s helmet
F09KG Terra’s armor
F09LS Stitch’s cage
F09PP Hook’s ship (Partial)
F09SB Sleeping Beauty’s bed
F09SW Magic Mirror’s frame 2
F10CD Yarn ball
F10DP Land of Departure door
F10EX Prize Box (Item)
F10LS Experiment 221 room robot arm (Partial)
F10PP Hook’s hat
F10SB Maleficent’s castle labyrinth wall
F10SW Broken Flask
F11CD Yarn ball (Pink)
F11DC Ice Cream (Rockin’ Crunch)
F11DP Master Defender
F11EX Prize Box (Command)
F11KG Graveyard rock
F11LS Deep Space’s jail ceiling
F11SB Maleficent’s castle labyrinth wall 2
F12CD Yarn Ball (Blue)
F12DC Ice Cream (Royalberry)
F12DP No Heart’s chair
F12EX Prize Box (Synthesis)
F12KG Graveyard’s ground
F12LS Deep Space’s elevator
F12SB Maleficent’s castle labyrinth wall 3
F13CD Cinderella’s crystal shoe
F13DC Ice Cream (Double Crunch)
F13DC Prize Box (Ice cream ingredient)
F13KG Kingdom Hearts (Blue)
F13LS Deep Space cells
F13SB Maleficent’s castle tile
F14CD Cinderella’s dress (Mannequin)
F14DC Ice Cream ball (Pink)
F14EX D-Link prize
F14KG Keyblade Graveyard clouds
F14SB Sleeping Beauty’s bed (Partial)
F14SW Dwarf hat
F15CD Pumpkin Patch
F15DC Ice Cream ball (Brown)
F15KG Graveyard’s ground 2
F16DC Ice Cream ball (Green)
F16KG Dive to the Heart - Ventus (Broken)
F17DC Ice Cream (White)
F17KG Dive to the Heart - Ventus (Broken 2)
F17LS Stitch’s romm wall
F18KG Dive to the Heart - Ventus
F18LS Blue Thing
F19KG Chain skybox (Terranort fight)
F19LS Stitch’s glass container
F20EX Dropped command (Attack)
F20KG Dive to the Heart - Vanitas / Ventus
F21EX Dropped command (Magic)
F21KG Cilindrical cloud skybox
F22EX Dropped command (Special)
F50CD Necklace pearl


Filename Description
G01CD Chest (Small) (Castle of Dreams)
G01DC Chest (Small) (Disney Town)
G01DI Destiny Island palm tree 3
G01DP Chest (Small) (Land of Departure)
G01EX (White circle)
G01HE Chest (Small) (Olympus Coliseum)
G01JB Chest (Small) (Jungle Book)
G01KG Chest (Small) (Keyblade Graveyard)
G01LS Chest (Small) (Deep Space)
G01PP Chest (Small) (Neverland)
G01RG Chest (Small) (Radiant Garden)
G01SB Chest (Small) (Enchanted Dominion)
G01SW Chest (Small) (Dwarf Woodlands)
G01VS (Triangle)
G01WM Land of Departure (World)
G01YT Chest (Small) (Mysterious Tower)
G02CD Chest (Large) (Castle of Dreams)
G02DC Chest (Large) (Disney Town)
G02DI Destiny Island palm tree 4
G02DP Chest (Large) (Land of Departure)
G02EX (Triangle)
G02HE Chest (Large) (Olympus Coliseum)
G02JB Chest (Large) (Jungle Book)
G02KG Chest (Large) (Keyblade Graveyard)
G02LS Chest (Large) (Deep Space)
G02PP Chest (Large) (Neverland)
G02RG Chest (Large) (Radiant Garden)
G02SB Chest (Large) (Enchanted Dominion)
G02SW Chest (Large) (Dwarf Woodlands)
G02WM Dwarf Woodlands (World)
G02YT Chest (Large) (Mysterious Tower)
G03CD Chest (Large, closed) (Castle of Dreams)
G03DC Chest (Large, closed) (Disney Town)
G03DP Chest (Large, closed) (Land of Departure)
G03EX (Red pyramid)
G03HE Chest (Large, closed) (Olympus Coliseum)
G03JB Chest (Large, closed) (Jungle Book)
G03KG Chest (Large, closed) (Keyblade Graveyard)
G03LS Chest (Large, closed) (Deep Space)
G03PP Chest (Large, closed) (Neverland)
G03RG Chest (Large, closed) (Radiant Garden)
G03SB Chest (Large, closed) (Enchanted Dominion)
G03SW Chest (Large, closed) (Dwarf Woodlands)
G03WM Castle of Dreams (World)
G03YT Chest (Large, closed) (Mysterious Tower)
G04WM Enchanted Dominion (World)
G05EX (Red pyramid)
G05WM Mysterious Tower (World)
G06WM Radiant Garden (World)
G08WM Olympus Coliseum (World)
G09WM Deep Space (World)
G10BD Board Tile lock
G10CD Fork
G10DC Disney Town’s electricity meter
G10DI Destiny Islands palm tree
G10EX (Parallel planes)
G10HE Greek vase
G10JB (Ground texture)
G10KG Graveyard tornado
G10LS Deep Space box
G10PP Neverland rock
G10RG Winnie The Pooh book
G10SB (Perpendicular planes)
G10SW Wheel
G10VS (Cube)
G10WM (Unknown)
G11BD Board Tile (Monochrome)
G11CD Yarn ball (Red)
G11DC Disney Town robot hand
G11DI Destiny Islands palm tree
G11DP Land of Departure fence
G11EX (Parallel planes)
G11HE Greek vase (Large)
G11JB (Red pyramid)
G11KG Graveyard cloud
G11LS Deep Space box
G11PP Neverland Rocks
G11SB Maleficent’s castle labyrinth wall
G11SW Wheel
G11VS (Pyramid)
G11WM Neverland (World)
G12BD Board Tile (Red)
G12CD Match box
G12DC Disney Town robot hand
G12DI Destiny Islands palm tree
G12DP Land of Departure training dummy
G12EX (Parallel planes)
G12HE Barrel
G12JB (Stream)
G12KG (Triangle)
G12LS Gas container
G12PP Rocks
G12RG (Parallel planes)
G12SB Wheel
G12SW Dwarf box
G12VS (Platform)
G12WM Disney Town (World)
G13BD Board Tile (Land of Departure)
G13CD Cheese
G13DC Disney Town robot hand
G13DI Destiny Islands palm tree
G13DP Land of Departure training dummy - Hit circle
G13EX (Parallel planes)
G13HE Explosive barrel
G13JB (Stream)
G13KG (Triangle)
G13LS Deep Space console
G13PP (Sphere)
G13RG (Parallel planes)
G13SB Gate
G13SW Rail vehicle
G13WM Keyblade Graveyard (World)
G14BD Board Tile (Plane)
G14CD Cheese
G14DC Disney Town robot hand
G14DI Destiny Islands palm tree
G14DP Land of Departure training dummy - Hit circle
G14EX (Square)
G14JB (Stream)
G14LS Platform
G14PP Totem
G14RG Square
G14SW Flask
G15BD Board Tile (Rolling boxes)
G15CD White Lace
G15DC Mickey shaped platform
G15DI Destiny Islands palm tree
G15DP (Parallel planes)
G15EX (Perpendicular planes)
G15HE (Parallel planes)
G15JB Darkness area
G15LS Elevator
G15PP Jumping drum
G15RG (Unknown)
G15SB (Circle)
G15SW Flask
G15VS Mirage Arena prize box
G15WM Mirage Arena (World)
G16BD Board Tile (Golden)
G16CD Button
G16DC Pushing mechanism
G16DI Destiny Islands palm tree
G16EX (Plane)
G16JB Darkness cage
G16LS Gate
G16PP Hook’s ship (2D)
G16RG (Plane)
G16SB (Bipyramid)
G16SW Chemical lab
G16VS (Triangle)
G16WM Keyblade Graveyard (World) (V1)
G17BD Board Tile (Monochrome)
G17CD Pink Fabric
G17DC Pushing mechanism
G17DI Destiny Islands palm tree
G17EX (Perpendicular planes)
G17HE (Plane)
G17JB Column
G17LS Ceiling thing
G17PP Cannonball
G17RG (Stuff)
G17SW Chemical lab
G17VS Pinball punch
G18BD Board Tile (Bronze)
G18CD White Sash
G18DC Pushing mechanism
G18DI Destiny Islands palm tree
G18EX (Planes)
G18HE (Plane)
G18JB Column
G18LS Box
G18PP (Planes)
G18RG (Wall)
G18SB Breakable corner
G18SW Dwarf box
G18VS Yarn Ball (Red)
G19BD Board tile (Golden star)
G19CD Pink thread
G19DC Gear platform
G19EX (Planes)
G19JB Walkable columns
G19LS Box
G19PP (Plane)
G19SB Maleficent’s castle archway
G19SW Gate
G19VS Platform
G20BD Dice
G20CD Spider web
G20DC Gear platform
G20EX (Plane)
G20JB (Planes)
G20PP (Planes)
G20SB Maleficent’s castle labyrinth wall
G20SW Gate
G20VS (Triangle)
G21CD (Planes)
G21DC Big rolling gear
G21EX (Plane)
G21JB (Plane)
G21LS Column
G21PP (Planes)
G21SB Maleficent’s castle labyrinth wall
G21SW (Plane)
G22DC Big rolling gear
G22EX (Plane)
G22JB (Plane)
G22LS Box
G22SB Arched window
G22SW Gate
G22VS Pinball part
G23CD Cinderella (Dress)
G23DC Pinball punch
G23JB Darkness circles
G23LS Box
G23SB Wheel
G23SW (Plane)
G23VS Pinball part
G24CD Prince Charming
G24DC Pinball part
G24LS Cell glass
G24PP (Planes)
G24SB Gate
G24SW (Planes)
G24VS (Plane)
G25CD (Planes)
G25DC Pinball bouncer (Pink)
G25LS (Planes)
G25SW (Planes)
G25VS (Planes)
G26CD (Plane)
G26DC Pinball bouncer (Blue)
G26LS Deep Space console
G26SW Dark tree
G26VS Pinball bouncer (Pink)
G27CD (Planes)
G27DC (Unknown)
G27LS (Plane)
G28DC Pinball part
G28VS Monstro platform
G29DC Pinball part
G29LS Gate
G29SB (Circle)
G29VS Monstro platform
G30BD (Box)
G30DC Race slope
G30VS Monstro mob
G31DC Race boost
G31SB Sleeping Beauty (Bed)
G31VS Monstro mob
G32DC Race tornado
G32SB Thorns
G32VS Monstro part
G33DC (Triangle)
G33LS (Plane)
G33SB Gas Area
G33VS Monstro part
G34DC (Unknown)
G34LS Deep Space console
G34VS Monstro acid
G35DC Fruitball machine
G35LS (Triangle)
G35SB Sleeping Beauty (Sleeping, partial)
G35VS Monstro acid
G36LS Boxes
G36VS Monstro explosive barrel
G37DC Ice Cream Beat machine
G39SB (Planes)
G40SB (Plane)
G40VS Armor of the Master’s ground
G41DC Mailbox
G41SB (Planes)
G41VS Armor of the Master’s ground - Shadow
G42DC Fire hydrant
G42SB (Planes)
G42VS Monstro shape
G43DC Popcorn stand
G43VS Monstro water splash
G44DC Lamp post
G44VS Monstro water splash
G45DC Fruitball goal
G45VS Monstro water splash
G46VS Monstro water splash
G47DC Street pot
G48DC Bench
G49DC Fruitball watermelon
G50CD Cinderella’s dress stand
G50DC Apple
G50DP Cloth
G50HE Closed sign
G50KG Kingdom Hearts
G50LS Gate
G50PP Chest
G50RG Gate
G50SB Ground texture
G50SW Snow White crystal coffin (Transparent)
G50VS Circle structure
G51CD Pink dress
G51DC Fruitball banana
G51DP Cloth
G51KG Clouds
G51LS Wall
G51RG Broken gate
G51SB Darkness semisphere
G51SW Snow White’s crystall coffin (Base)
G51VS Circle structure
G51WM (Circumference)
G52CD Pumpkin patch
G52DC Fruitball pineapple
G52DP Block
G52EX Yellow / Brown skybox
G52KG Vanitas battle fragments
G52LS Broken wall
G52RG Merlin’s house’s umbrellas
G52SW Circle
G52VS Circle structure
G52WM (Circumference)
G53CD (Triangle)
G53DC Fruitball grapes
G53DP Door
G53KG Dive to the Heart - Vanitas / Ventus
G53LS (Plane)
G53SW Dwarf house props
G53VS Arena decoration
G53WM (Circumference)
G54DC Fruitball banana (Ground)
G54DP Door
G54LS (Broken wall)
G54SB Square bush
G54WM (Circumference)
G55DC Fruitball grape (Ground)
G55DP Broken column
G55LS Robot arm
G55SB Darkness semisphere
G55WM (Circumference)
G56DC Pinball part
G56DP Stone bench
G56LS Robot arm
G56WM (Circumference)
G57LS Purple plane
G58LS Gate
G58SB (Planes)
G58WM (Circumference)
G59DC Disney Town - Main Plaza
G59LS Gate
G59SB (Planes)
G59WM (Circumference)
G60DC Grass semisphere
G60LS Blue triangle
G60VS (Plane)
G60WM (Circumference)
G61DC Grass platform
G61LS Prison cell
G61WM (Circumference)
G62DC Open gate
G62WM (Circumference)
G63DC Race pushing mechanisms
G63WM (Circumference)
G65WM (Circumference)
G70WM (Line)
G71WM (Line)
G72WM (Line)
G73WM (Line)
G74WM (Line)
G75WM (Line)
G76WM (Line)
G77WM (Line)
G78WM (Line)
G79WM (Line)
G80WM (Line)
G81WM (Line)
G82WM (Line)
G83WM (Line)
G84WM (Sphere)
G85WM (Sphere)
G86WM (Sphere)
G87WM (Sphere)
G88WM (Sphere)
G89WM (Sphere)
G90DC Fruitball net
G90WM (Sphere)
G91DC Fruitball net
G92DC Disney Town horn?
G93DC Manhole cover
G94DC Manhole cover
G95DC Manhole cover
G99HE Flask


Filename Description
H00JB Sora (KH1)
H01CD Cinderella (Casual)
H01DI Sora (Kid)
H01DP Eraqus
H01EX Ventus
H01HE Hercules
H01JB Riku (KH1)
H01SW Snow White
H01YT Yen Sid
H02DI Riku (Kid)
H02DP Ventus (Before Land of Departure)
H02EX Aqua
H02JB Kairi (KH1)
H02YT Donald (Castle)
H03DP Mysterious Figure
H03EX Terra
H03HE Hades
H03JB Mickey (KH2)
H03YT Goofy (Castle)
H04DI Xehanort (Black coat)
H04HE Zack (Helmetless)
H04JB Mickey (CoM)
H04PP Captain Hook
H04SB Maleficent
H04YT Mickey (BBS)
H05CD Fairy Godmother
H05DI Ventus (Blanket)
H05KG Ventus (Frozen, helmetless)
H05RG Lea
H06DI Riku (KH2)
H07RG Kairi (Kid)
H09DI Ansem SoD
H10DI Xemnas
H10EX Vanitas
H10RG Ansem the Wise
H11EX Ventus (Helmetless)
H11KG Vanitas (Helmetless, broken X-Blade)
H11RG Braig (Patch, bandaged, normal)
H12EX Aqua (Helmetless)
H12RG Xehanort (Apprentice Terranort)
H13EX Terra (Helmetless)
H20PP Peter Pan
H21EX Ventus
H40EX Xehanort
H41EX Xehanort (Textureless)
H51EX Xehanort (Terranort)
H63EX Vanitas (Helmetless, Ventus, X-Blade)


Filename Description
M00JB Shadow
M01EX Flood
M01LS Wall gun
M01SB Maleficent’s Goon
M01SW Enemy tree
M01VS Flood (OG)
M02EX Scrapper
M02SB Maleficent’s Goon (Bow)
M02SW Doc (Box)
M02VS Scrapper (OG)
M03DC Bruiser (OG)
M03EX Bruiser
M03SB Builder
M03SW Grumpy (Box)
M03VS Bruiser (OG)
M04EX Red Hot Chili
M04SW Sleepy (Box)
M04VS Red Hot Chili (OG)
M05EX Monotrucker
M05SW Bashful (Wagon)
M05VS Monotrucker (OG)
M06EX Thornbite
M06SW Sneezy(Box)
M06VS Thornbite (OG)
M07DC Shoegazer (OG)
M07EX Shoegazer
M07SW Happy (Box)
M07VS Shoegazer (OG)
M08CD Prize Pod (OG)
M08DC Prize Pod (OG)
M08EX Spiderchest
M08HE Prize Pod (OG)
M08LS Prize Pod (OG)
M08PP Prize Pod (OG)
M08RG Prize Pod (OG)
M08SB Prize Pod (OG)
M08SW Prize Pod (OG)
M09CD Prize Pod (OG)
M09DC Prize Pod (OG)
M09EX Archraven
M09HE Prize Pod (OG)
M09LS Prize Pod (OG)
M09PP Prize Pod (OG)
M09RG Prize Pod (OG)
M09SB Prize Pod (OG)
M09SW Prize Pod (OG)
M10EX Hareraiser
M11CD Thornbite (OG)
M11EX Jellyshade
M12EX Tank Toppler
M12VS Tank Toppler (OG)
M13EX Vile Phial
M13VS Vile Phial (OG)
M14EX Sonic Blaster
M15EX Triple Wrecker
M16EX Wild Bruiser
M16VS Wild Bruiser (OG)
M17EX Blue Sea Salt
M17VS Blue Sea Salt (OG)
M18CD Prize Pod (OG)
M18DC Prize Pod (OG)
M18EX Yellow Mustard
M18HE Prize Pod (OG)
M18LS Prize Pod (OG)
M18PP Prize Pod (OG)
M18RG Prize Pod (OG)
M18SB Prize Pod (OG)
M18SW Prize Pod (OG)
M18VS Yellow Mustard (OG)
M19CD Prize Pod (OG)
M19DC Prize Pod (OG)
M19EX Mandrake
M19HE Prize Pod (OG)
M19LS Prize Pod (OG)
M19PP Prize Pod (OG)
M19RG Prize Pod (OG)
M19SB Prize Pod (OG)
M19SW Prize Pod (OG)
M19VS Mandrake (OG)
M20EX Buckle Bruiser
M20VS Buckle Bruiser (OG)
M21EX Chrono Twister
M21VS Chrono Twister (OG)
M22EX Axe Flapper
M22VS Axe Flapper (OG)
M23EX Prize Pod
M23VS Prize Pod (OG)
M24EX Glidewinder
M25EX Blobmob
M25VS Blobmob (Textureless)
M26EX Sphere bubble
M27EX Buckle Bruiser - Buckle
M27VS Buckle Bruiser (OG) - Buckle
M28CD Prize Pod (OG)
M28DC Prize Pod (OG)
M28EX Buckle Bruiser - Buckle
M28HE Prize Pod (OG)
M28LS Prize Pod (OG)
M28PP Prize Pod (OG)
M28RG Prize Pod (OG)
M28SB Prize Pod (OG)
M28SW Prize Pod (OG)
M28VS Buckle Bruiser (OG) - Buckle
M29CD Prize Pod (OG)
M29DC Prize Pod (OG)
M29EX Chrono Twister - Sand
M29HE Prize Pod (OG)
M29LS Prize Pod (OG)
M29PP Prize Pod (OG)
M29RG Prize Pod (OG)
M29SB Prize Pod (OG)
M29SW Prize Pod (OG)
M29VS Chrono Twister (OG) - Sand
M31EX Jellyshade (OG)
M32EX Jellyshade
M32VS Jellyshade (OG)
M33EX Jellyshade (OG)
M34EX (Plane)
M38VS Prize Pod (OG)
M39VS Prize Pod (OG)
M40EX Shadow
M41EX Neoshadow
M42EX Shadow Ball
M48VS Prize Pod (OG)
M49VS Prize Pod (OG)
M50EX Vitality Vial
M51EX Flame Box
M51VS Maleficent’s Goon
M52EX Lone Runner
M52VS Maleficent’s Goon (Bow)
M53EX Belly Balloon
M54EX Floating Flora
M55EX Ringer
M56EX Gluttonous Goo
M57EX Element Cluster
M58EX Ringer
M58VS Prize Pod (OG)
M59VS Prize Pod (OG)
M90EX Ventus
M91EX Fake Aqua
M92EX Terra
M93EX Wayward Wind
M94EX Rainfell
M95EX Ends of the Earth


Filename Description
N01BD Fairy Godmother
N01CD Cinderella (Casual)
N01DI Sora (Kid)
N01EX Flood (OG)
N01HE Hercules
N01JB Riku (KH1)
N01LS Stitch
N01PP Peter Pan
N01RG Aeleus
N01SB Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
N01SW Snow White
N01YT Yen Sid
N02BD Cinderella’s carriage
N02CD Cinderella (Dress)
N02DI Riku (Kid)
N02DP Ventus (Before Land of Departure)
N02HE Phil
N02JB Kairi (KH1)
N02LS Dr. Jumba
N02PP Tinkerbell
N02RG Even
N02SB Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) (Casual)
N02SW Prince Florian (Casual)
N02YT Donald (Castle)
N03BD Cinderella’s horse
N03CD Cinderella (Ripped dress)
N03DI Xehanort (Young)
N03HE Hades (Angry)
N03PP Lost Boy - Slightly
N03RG Ienzo (Kid)
N03SB Philip
N03SW Evil Queen
N03YT Goofy (Castle)
N04BD Magic Pumpkin
N04CD Prince Charming
N04DC Minnie
N04DI Xehanort (Black coat)
N04KG Neoshadow
N04LS Pleakley (Textureless)
N04PP Lost Boy - Cubby
N04RG Dilan
N04SW Doc
N04YT Mickey (BBS)
N05BD Chip & Dale
N05CD Fairy Godmother
N05DC Daisy
N05DI Ventus (Blanket)
N05KG Ventus (Frozen, helmetless)
N05LS Grand Councilwoman
N05PP Smee
N05RG Lea
N05SB Flora
N05SW Grumpy
N06BD Rocket
N06CD Lady Tremaine
N06DC Chip & Dale
N06DI Riku (KH2) (Textureless)
N06KG Ventus (Frozen)
N06RG Isa
N06SB Fauna
N06SW Happy
N07CD Anastasia Tremaine
N07DC Huey, Dewey & Louie
N07DI Sora (Kid)
N07RG Kairi (Kid)
N07SB Merryweather
N07SW Sleepy
N08CD Drizella Tremaine
N08DC Horace Horsecollar
N08DI Riku (Kid)
N08RG Kairi’s grandmother
N08SB Diablo (Maleficent’s crow)
N08SW Bashful
N09CD Jaq
N09RG Scrooge McDuck
N09SW Sneezy
N10BD Tinkerbell
N10CD Lucifer
N10EX Moogle Shop
N10RG Ansem the Wise
N10SW Dopey
N11CD Grand Duke
N11EX Moogle
N11JB Dark Side
N11RG Merlin
N11SW Evil Queen (Witch)
N12BD Hunny pot
N12CD Cinderella (Casual)
N12EX Moogle
N12SW Magic Mirror
N13BD Hunny pot
N13CD Jaq (Key)
N13DC Pete (Dark)
N13EX Moogle
N13SW Bird
N15DC Huey (Race)
N16DC Dewey (Race)
N17BD Board die (Castle of Dreams)
N17DC Louie (Race)
N18BD Sphere (Textureless)
N19BD Blue area
N20BD Experiment 221
N20DC Pete (Justice)
N21BD Rabbit
N21DC Enchanted Broom
N22BD Pumpkin
N22DC Pluto
N23BD Night Skybox
N23DC Chip & Dale
N24BD Board (100 Acre Wood)
N24DC Huey (Race)
N25BD Wayward Wind
N25DC Dewey (Race)
N26BD Rainfell
N26DC Louie (Race)
N27BD Earthshaker
N28BD Experiment 221 (Dash body)
N29BD (Triangle)
N30DC Huey
N30HE Zack
N45DC Rocket
N46DC Rocket
N47DC Rocket
N48DC Rocket
N49DC Rocket
N50CD (Cube)
N50DC Rocket


Filename Description
P00JB Sora (KH1)
P01EX Ventus
P02EX Aqua
P03EX Terra
P11EX Ventus (Armored)
P12EX Aqua (Armored)
P13EX Terra (Armored)
P21EX Ventus
P22EX Aqua
P23EX Terra
P31EX Ventus (Armored)
P32EX Aqua (Armored)
P33EX Terra (Armored)
P41EX Ventus (Helmetless)
P42EX Aqua (Helmetless)
P43EX Terra (Helmetless)
P93EX Terra (Armored with cape) (2.5 exclusive)


Filename Description
W01AQ Waterfell
W01EX Kingdom Key - Keychain (Textureless)
W01TE Earthshaker
W01VE Wayward Wind
W02AQ Treasure Trove
W02EX Treasure Trove - Keychain
W02TE Treasure Trove
W02VE Treasure Trove
W03AQ Stroke of Midnight
W03EX Stroke of Midnight - Keychain
W03TE Stroke of Midnight
W03VE Stroke of Midnight
W04AQ Fairy Stars
W04EX Fairy Stars - Keychain
W04TE Fairy Stars
W04VE Fairy Stars
W05AQ Victory Line
W05EX Victory Line - Keychain
W05TE Victory Line
W05VE Victory Line
W06AQ Mark of a Hero
W06EX Mark of a Hero - Keychain
W06TE Mark of a Hero
W06VE Mark of a Hero
W07AQ Hyperdrive
W07EX Hyperdrive - Keychain
W07TE Hyperdrive
W07VE Hyperdrive
W09AQ Pixie Petal
W09EX Pixie Petal - Keychain
W09TE Pixie Petal
W09VE Pixie Petal
W10AQ Ultima Weapon
W10EX Ultima Weapon - Keychain
W10TE Ultima Weapon
W10VE Ultima Weapon
W11AQ Sweetstack
W11EX Sweetstack - Keychain
W11TE Sweetstack
W11VE Sweetstack
W12AQ Destiny’s Embrace
W12TE Darkgnaw
W12VE Light Seeker (JP vanilla exclusive)
W13AQ Stormfall
W13TE Ends of the Earth
W14AQ Brightcrest
W14TE Chaos Ripper
W14VE Frolic Flame
W15VE Lost Memory
W16AQ Void Gear
W16EX Void Gear - Keychain
W16TE Void Gear
W16VE Void Gear
W17AQ No Name
W17EX No Name - Keychain
W17TE No Name
W17VE No Name
W18AQ Royal Radiance
W18EX Royal Radiance - Keychain
W18TE Royal Radiance
W18VE Royal Radiance
W19AQ Master Defender
W20TE Ends of the Earth (Morphed)
W30AQ Rainfell (Morphed)
W30TE Ends of the Earth (Morphed)
W30VE Wayward Wind (Morphed)