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Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Track List

Default Tracks

Most tracks are identical across all versions (Japan/Asia/World).

Platform Location
PC StreamingAssets\Sead\music\{TRACK}.win.sab.bytes
Track Description
MUSIC0000000 The 13th Struggle
MUSIC0000001 Shrouding Dark Cloud
MUSIC0000002 Traverse Town
MUSIC0000003 Hand in Hand
MUSIC0000004 A Very Small Wish
MUSIC0000005 Monstrous Monstro
MUSIC0000006 Welcome to Wonderland
MUSIC0000007 To Our Surprise
MUSIC0000008 This is Halloween
MUSIC0000009 Spooks of Halloween Town
MUSIC0000010 Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship
MUSIC0000011 Pirate’s Gigue
MUSIC0000012 A Day in Agrabah
MUSIC0000013 Arabian Dream
MUSIC0000014 Hollow Bastion
MUSIC0000015 Scherzo Di Notte [KH1]
MUSIC0000016 The Home of Dragons
MUSIC0000017 Fields of Honor
MUSIC0000018 Under the Sea
MUSIC0000019 An Adventure in Atlantica
MUSIC0000020 Olympus Colliseum
MUSIC0000021 Go for It!
MUSIC0000022 Lazy Afternoons
MUSIC0000023 Sinister Sundown
MUSIC0000024 The Afternoon Streets
MUSIC0000025 Working Together
MUSIC0000026 End of the World
MUSIC0000027 Fragments of Sorrow
MUSIC0000028 Waltz of the Damned
MUSIC0000029 Dance of the Daring
MUSIC0000030 Space Paranoids
MUSIC0000031 Byte Bashing
MUSIC0000032 Radiant Garden
MUSIC0000033 Black Garden
MUSIC0000034 The Underworld
MUSIC0000035 What Lies Beneath
MUSIC0000036 Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo
MUSIC0000037 Castle Escapade
MUSIC0000038 Mickey Mouse March
MUSIC0000039 Up Down Adventure
MUSIC0000040 What A Surprise?
MUSIC0000041 Happy Holidays!
MUSIC0000042 Castle Oblivion
MUSIC0000043 Castle Oblivion Battle
MUSIC0000044 Forgotten Challenge
MUSIC0000045 Destiny Islands
MUSIC0000046 Bustin’ Up on the Beach
MUSIC0000047 Traverse in Trance
MUSIC0000048 Hand to Hand
MUSIC0000050 Daydream upon Neverland
MUSIC0000051 Neverland’s Scherzo
MUSIC0000052 Secret of Neverland
MUSIC0000053 Crossing to Neverland
MUSIC0000054 Monochrome Dreams
MUSIC0000055 “Old Friends Old Rivals”
MUSIC0000056 Adventures in the Savannah
MUSIC0000057 Savannah Pride
MUSIC0000058 Sacred Moon
MUSIC0000059 Deep Drive
MUSIC0000060 Sacred Distance
MUSIC0000061 Deep Drop
MUSIC0000062 The Promised Beginning
MUSIC0000063 Future Masters
MUSIC0000064 Reviving Hollow Bastion
MUSIC0000065 Scherzo di Notte [KH2]
MUSIC0000066 The Silent Forest
MUSIC0000067 The Rustling Forest
MUSIC0000068 The Secret Whispers
MUSIC0000069 Risky Romp
MUSIC0000070 Hau’oli, Hau’oli (Happy, Happy)
MUSIC0000071 Mákaukau? (Are you ready?)
MUSIC0000072 La Cloche
MUSIC0000073 Le Sanctuaire
MUSIC0000074 Access the Grid
MUSIC0000075 Digital Domination
MUSIC0000076 The Fun Fair
MUSIC0000077 Prankster’s Party
MUSIC0000078 One for All
MUSIC0000079 All for One
MUSIC0000082 Wonder of Electron
MUSIC0000083 No More Bugs!!
MUSIC0000084 Destiny’s Force
MUSIC0000085 Guardando nel buio
MUSIC0000086 Squirming Evil
MUSIC0000087 The Force in You
MUSIC0000088 Lord of the Castle
MUSIC0000089 Tension Rising
MUSIC0000090 The 13th Dilemma
MUSIC0000091 Desire for All That is Lost
MUSIC0000092 Vim and Vigor
MUSIC0000093 Rowdy Rumble
MUSIC0000094 The Encounter -Birth by Sleep Ver.-
MUSIC0000095 Sinister Shadows
MUSIC0000096 Darkness of the Unknown
MUSIC0000097 Fight and Away
MUSIC0000098 Vector to the Heavens
MUSIC0000099 Another Side -Battle Ver.-
MUSIC0000100 The Tumbling
MUSIC0000101 Black Powder
MUSIC0000102 Rage Awakened -The Origin-
MUSIC0000103 Enter the Darkness
MUSIC0000104 Dismiss
MUSIC0000105 Night of Fate
MUSIC0000106 Majestic Wings
MUSIC0000107 L’Oscurita dell’Ignoto
MUSIC0000108 L’impeto Oscuro
MUSIC0000109 The Eye of Darkness
MUSIC0000110 Wave of Darkness I
MUSIC0000111 Sora
MUSIC0000112 Riku
MUSIC0000113 Kairi I
MUSIC0000114 Roxas
MUSIC0000115 Naminé
MUSIC0000116 Musique pour la tristesse de Xion
MUSIC0000117 Terra
MUSIC0000118 Ventus
MUSIC0000119 Aqua
MUSIC0000121 Simple and Clean
MUSIC0000122 Another Side [KH1]
MUSIC0000123 Fate of the Unknown
MUSIC0000124 One Winged Angel (from FINAL FANTASY VII)
MUSIC0000125 Rage Awakened
MUSIC0000127 The Other Promise
MUSIC0000133 Sanctuary
MUSIC0000134 Don’t Think twice
MUSIC0000135 You’ve got a Friend in Me -KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
MUSIC0000136 Happy Hair Day
MUSIC0000137 Monster Smash!
MUSIC0000138 Robot Overdrive
MUSIC0000144 Hand in Hand -Piano Arrangement-
MUSIC0000145 Working Together -Allegro Vivace -Piano Arrangement-
MUSIC0000146 Sora Piano - Allegro con Brio -Piano Arrangement-
MUSIC0000147 The Encounter -Piano Arrangement-
MUSIC0000148 Guardando nel Buio -Arrangement-
MUSIC0000161 Destiny’s Force
MUSIC0000168 Simple and Clean -Opening Version-
MUSIC0000169 Sanctuary -opening version-
MUSIC0000170 Don’t Think Twice -Opening Version-
MUSIC0000171 Dive into the Heart Destati -Tutorial Segment[?]-
MUSIC0000174 Graveyard Labyrinth
MUSIC0000175 Rise of the Union
MUSIC0000177 Simple and Clean Opening
MUSIC0000200 Stranded Beyond
MUSIC0000201 Kairi III
MUSIC0000202 Dark Domination
MUSIC0000204 Part of your World
MUSIC0000205 March Caprice -Credits-
MUSIC0000206 Beauty and the Beast

Region-Specific Tracks

Some tracks are localized based on the region and are found at a different location.

Platform Location
PC StreamingAssets\Sead\music\{REGION}\{TRACK}.win.sab.bytes

Where {REGION} can be Japan, Asia or World, e.g. StreamingAssets\World\Sead\music\

Track Description
MUSIC0000139 Let It Go
MUSIC0000140 A Whole New World
MUSIC0000143 Circle of Life

While Simple and Clean, Sanctuary and Don't Think Twice are located in the default location, they are also replaced with their Japanese equivalents depending on the region.