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Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Abilities

Abilities are used for reaction prompts and are typically available for party leaders only. The SQL table AbilityTable contains a list of all Ability IDs. Ability IDs are assigned to characters in the SQL table CharacterTable. Switching abilities changes the display name only, but will not change the character’s behavior.

AbilityID Type Name Assigned to
130000000 Long Range Thundaga 110000000 (Sora KH1)
130000001 Short Range Ars Arcanum 110000000 (Sora KH1)
130000002 Long Range Dark Firaga 110000003 (Riku DDD)
130000003 Short Range Dark Splicer 110000003 (Riku DDD)
130000004 Long Range Firaga 110000006 (Roxas)
130000005 Short Range Black Hole 110000006 (Roxas)
130000006 Long Range Blizzaga 110000011 (Aqua)
130000007 Short Range Spellweaver 110000011 (Aqua)
130000008 Long Range Dark Firaga 110000032 (Riku KH1)
130000009 Short Range Dark Splicer 110000032 (Riku KH1)
130000010 Long Range Curaga 110000012 (Mickey KH2)
110000030 (Mickey Days)
110000031 (Mickey BBS)
130000011 Co-Op Only Friend Curaga 110000000 (Sora KH1)
110000032 (Riku KH1)
130000012 Long Range Thundaga 110000033 (Sora KH3)
130000013 Short Range Ars Arcanum 110000033 (Sora KH3)