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Kingdom Hearts DS Games - file types

These file formats are found in many Nintendo DS games, not just Kingdom Hearts.

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Extension Description Tool
arm9.bin ARM9 executable code; can be either encrypted or decrypted  
arm7.bin ARM7 executable code  
NFTR Nitro Font; font data  
NSBMD Nitro System Binary Model; 3D model data. Often also holds textures and palettes (nsbtx)  
NSBTX Nitro System Binary Texture; texture and palette data  
NSBCA Nitro Character Animation; 3D model skeletal animations  
NSBTP Nitro Texture Pattern; texture-swapping animations  
NSBTA Nitro Texture Animation; texture UV-change animations  
NSBMA Nitro Material Animation; material-swap animations  
SDAT Sound Data; contains audio data in sub-files  
SSEQ Sound Sequence; an sdat sub-file containing MIDI-like sequenced music. Linked to an sbnk  
SBNK Sound Bank; an sdat sub-file containing instrument data for an sseq. Can be linked with up to 4 swar files  
SWAV Sound Wave; contains a single wave sample. Not found in sdat files  
SWAR Sound Wave Archive; an sdat sub-file containing a collection of mono wave samples  
STRM Stream; an sdat sub-file. It is an individual mono/stereo wave file (PCM8, PCM16 or ADPCM)