This is a centralized place for the documentation and other discoveries about the internal working of Kingdom Hearts games.

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Kingdom Hearts I File Types

Extension Description Tool
AML TARC Archive; example: gumi/gumi.aml  
AMO Unknown; example: gumi/gumi.amo  
ARD Room Archive; example: aw04.ard  
BGM Midi-like file; example: amusic/music097.bgm  
BIN World Binary Data; example: aw00_01.bin  
BIN (1) Unknown; example: btlbtl.bin  
BIN (2) RAW (TIM2) Image; example: command2/uitex.bin  
BIN (3) Unknown; example: menu/mc_icon.bin  
BIN (4) Unknown; example: menu/sysmsg.bin  
BIN (5) Unknown; example: worldmap/gevent.bin  
BIN (6) Unknown; example: worldmap/gptolp.bin  
BIN (7) Unknown; example: worldmap/ins.bin  
BIN (8) Unknown; example: worldmap/SAWDMSG.BIN  
BIN (9) Unknown; example: worldmap/ev/wp_1000.bin  
BIN (10) Unknown; example: worldmap/world_ini.bin  
DAT Pre-rendered Movie Data; example: demo.dat  
DAT (1) Unknown; example: xs_bambi.dat  
DAT (2) Binary Wrapper for BGM; example: amusic/music100.dat  
DAT (3) Sound Effect Data, somewhat similar to SE file; example: eventse/al_002.dat  
DAT (4) TARC Binary Archive; example: worldmap/challe.dat  
DBT Unknown; example: xs_bambi.dbt  
DPP Special Effects Header; example: eveffect/al/al_000.dpp  
DPX Special Effects; example: nm08.dpx  
EV Unknown; example: gameover.ev  
EVM Event Motion Data (Cutscene Animations); example: al01_al011.evm  
IMG World Image Data; example: aw00_01.img  
IMG (1) Raw (TIM2) Image Archive; example: title/title.img  
KMB Unknown; example: menu/md_anthem.kmb  
KNA Unknown; example: worldmap/test/dc_1047.kna  
KNJ Unknown; example: kanji.knj  
KNM Unknown; example: worldmap/test/dc_1047.knm  
MAG Magic Data; example: xm_fire_01.mag  
MDLS Model Data; example: xa_ex_0010.mdls  
MLB Unknown; example: worldmap/wi/  
MSET Moveset Data; example: xa_ex_0010.mset  
NAM Unknown; example: allarea.nam  
PNG Portable Network Graphic Image; example: gumi/jkt_001.png  
PS2 World Map Image Data; example: worldmap/world.ps2  
RGB Raw Image Data; example: image/dc_001.rgb  
RTB Gumi Route Data; example: worldmap/route_al_1.rtb  
SE Sound Effects Data; example:  
SET Unknown; example: allset.set  
SYS Unknown; example: gumi/info.sys  
TM2 TIM2 Image; example: title/copyright.tm2  
TZB TEZB Image Archive; example: worldmap/gm_clear.tzb  
VAG Streamed Music or voice  
VM Unknown; example: amusic/vo000000.vm  
VSB Character Voices Contains VAG; example: voice/al_donald.vsb  
VSET Cutscene Sounds Contains VAG; example: voice/event/al/al_001.vset  
WD Instruments for BGM and other sound formats; example: amusic/wave0099.wd  
WDT World Data; example: al.wdt  
WPN Weapon Model Data; example: xw_ex_5010.wpn  
X Unknown; example: dkmovie.x