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Kingdom Hearts - Models (Characters)

Filename Character
xa_al_0030.mdls Aladdin
xa_al_0038.mdls Aladdin
xa_al_0039.mdls Aladdin
xa_al_1000.mdls Jasmine
xa_al_1008.mdls Jasmine
xa_al_1009.mdls Jasmine
xa_al_1010.mdls Magic Carpet
xa_al_1019.mdls Magic Carpet
xa_al_1020.mdls Iago (Parrot)
xa_al_1028.mdls Iago (Parrot)
xa_al_1029.mdls Iago (Parrot)
xa_al_1030.mdls Random NPC
xa_al_1040.mdls Random NPC
xa_al_1050.mdls Random NPC
xa_al_1060.mdls The Peddler
xa_al_1070.mdls Random NPC
xa_al_1080.mdls Babu
xa_al_1089.mdls Babu
xa_al_2010.mdls Dark Lamp (Jafar’s Lamp)
xa_al_3010.mdls Jafar
xa_al_3018.mdls Jafar
xa_al_3019.mdls Jafar
xa_al_3020.mdls Jafar Genie
xa_al_3029.mdls Jafar Genie
xa_al_3030.mdls Pot Centipede (Piece 1)
xa_al_3040.mdls Pot Centipede (Piece 2)
xa_al_3050.mdls Kurt Zisa
xa_al_3059.mdls Kurt Zisa
xa_al_3060.mdls Cave of Wonders Guardian (Tiger Head)
xa_al_7000.mdls Aladdin (High-Poly)
xa_al_7010.mdls Jafar (High-Poly)
xa_al_7020.mdls Genie (High-Poly)
xa_aw_1000.mdls White Rabbit
xa_aw_1009.mdls White Rabbit
xa_aw_1010.mdls Queen of Hearts
xa_aw_1011.mdls Queen of Hearts
xa_aw_1019.mdls Queen of Hearts
xa_aw_1020.mdls Cheshire Cat
xa_aw_1029.mdls Cheshire Cat
xa_aw_1030.mdls Ace of Spade Card
xa_aw_1031.mdls Ace of Spade Card
xa_aw_1039.mdls Ace of Spade Card
xa_aw_1060.mdls Ace of Hearts Card
xa_aw_1061.mdls Ace of Hearts Card
xa_aw_1069.mdls Ace of Hearts Card
xa_aw_1090.mdls Door knob
xa_aw_1099.mdls Door knob
xa_aw_3000.mdls Trickmaster
xa_aw_3009.mdls Trickmaster
xa_aw_7000.mdls Queen of Hearts (High-Poly)
xa_dc_1000.mdls Donald (Wizard)
xa_dc_1010.mdls Goofy (Knight)
xa_dc_1020.mdls Mini Mouse
xa_dc_1029.mdls Mini Mouse
xa_dc_1030.mdls Daisy
xa_dc_1039.mdls Daisy
xa_dc_1040.mdls Chip
xa_dc_1049.mdls Chip
xa_dc_1050.mdls Dale
xa_dc_1059.mdls Dale
xa_dc_1060.mdls Magic Broom
xa_dc_1069.mdls Magic Broom
xa_dc_1070.mdls Jimminy Cricket
xa_dc_1079.mdls Jimminy Cricket
xa_dh_1010.mdls Dream Sword
xa_dh_1020.mdls Dream Shield
xa_dh_1030.mdls Dream Wand
xa_di_1000.mdls Seagull
xa_di_1010.mdls Tidus
xa_di_1019.mdls Tidus
xa_di_1020.mdls Selphie
xa_di_1029.mdls Selphie
xa_di_1030.mdls Wakka
xa_di_1039.mdls Wakka
xa_di_1041.mdls Fish
xa_di_3000.mdls Darkside
xa_di_3001.mdls Darkside
xa_di_3009.mdls Darkside
xa_ew_2010.mdls Bit Sniper
xa_ew_2020.mdls Part of Ansem Boss (Structure)
xa_ew_2030.mdls Part of Ansem Boss (Structure)
xa_ew_2040.mdls Part of Ansem Boss (Monster Face)
xa_ew_2050.mdls Part of Ansem Boss (Structure)
xa_ew_2060.mdls End of World Piece? (unknown)
xa_ew_3020.mdls Ansem (Final Boss)
xa_ex_0010.mdls Sora
xa_ex_0012.mdls Sora
xa_ex_0019.mdls Sora
xa_ex_0040.mdls Donald
xa_ex_0048.mdls Donald
xa_ex_0049.mdls Donald
xa_ex_0050.mdls Goofy
xa_ex_0058.mdls Goofy
xa_ex_0059.mdls Goofy
xa_ex_1010.mdls Riku (Wooden Sword)
xa_ex_1011.mdls Riku (Wooden Sword)
xa_ex_1019.mdls Riku (Wooden Sword)
xa_ex_1020.mdls Kairi
xa_ex_1029.mdls Kairi
xa_ex_1030.mdls Leon
xa_ex_1031.mdls Leon
xa_ex_1038.mdls Leon
xa_ex_1039.mdls Leon
xa_ex_1040.mdls Yuffie
xa_ex_1041.mdls Yuffie
xa_ex_1048.mdls Yuffie
xa_ex_1049.mdls Yuffie
xa_ex_1050.mdls Mickey
xa_ex_1059.mdls Mickey
xa_ex_1060.mdls Pluto
xa_ex_1069.mdls Pluto
xa_ex_1090.mdls Maleficent
xa_ex_1091.mdls Maleficent
xa_ex_1099.mdls Maleficent
xa_ex_1100.mdls Fairy Godmother
xa_ex_1109.mdls Fairy Godmother
xa_ex_1110.mdls Huey
xa_ex_1119.mdls Huey
xa_ex_1120.mdls Dewey
xa_ex_1129.mdls Dewey
xa_ex_1130.mdls Louie
xa_ex_1139.mdls Louie
xa_ex_1140.mdls Arith
xa_ex_1148.mdls Arith
xa_ex_1149.mdls Arith
xa_ex_1150.mdls Cloud
xa_ex_1151.mdls Cloud
xa_ex_1159.mdls Cloud
xa_ex_1160.mdls Dark Riku
xa_ex_1168.mdls Dark Riku
xa_ex_1200.mdls Moogle
xa_ex_1209.mdls Moogle
xa_ex_1210.mdls Pongo (Dalmation)
xa_ex_1219.mdls Pongo (Damation)
xa_ex_1220.mdls Perdita (Dalmation)
xa_ex_1229.mdls Perdita (Dalmation)
xa_ex_1230.mdls Dalmation
xa_ex_1260.mdls Dalmation
xa_ex_1269.mdls Dalmation
xa_ex_1540.mdls Cid
xa_ex_1549.mdls Cid
xa_ex_1560.mdls Riku (Soul Eater)
xa_ex_1568.mdls Riku (Soul Eater)
xa_ex_1580.mdls Ansem (Riku)
xa_ex_1588.mdls Ansem (Riku)
xa_ex_1589.mdls Ansem (Riku)
xa_ex_1590.mdls Sora (Kid)
xa_ex_1600.mdls Riku (Kid)
xa_ex_1610.mdls Kairi (Kid)
xa_ex_1620.mdls Kairi’s Grandma
xa_ex_1630.mdls Ansem (w/Guardian)
xa_ex_1638.mdls Ansem (w/Guardian)
xa_ex_1639.mdls Ansem (w/Guardian)
xa_ex_1640.mdls Ansem (Brown Coat)
xa_ex_1650.mdls Donald (Angry)
xa_ex_2010.mdls Heartless Soldier
xa_ex_2019.mdls Heartless Soldier
xa_ex_2020.mdls Heartless Shadow
xa_ex_2021.mdls Heartless Shadow (Halloween Town)
xa_ex_2022.mdls Heartless Shadow (End of World?)
xa_ex_2029.mdls Heartless Shadow
xa_ex_2030.mdls Heartless Powerwilds (Monkey)
xa_ex_2039.mdls Heartless Powerwilds (Monkey)
xa_ex_2040.mdls Heartless Bouncywild (Monkey)
xa_ex_2049.mdls Heartless Bouncywild (Monkey)
xa_ex_2050.mdls Heartless Large Body
xa_ex_2059.mdls Heartless Large Body
xa_ex_2060.mdls Heartless Large Body (Agrabah)
xa_ex_2069.mdls Heartless Large Body (Agrabah)
xa_ex_2070.mdls Heartless Sea Neon
xa_ex_2079.mdls Heartless Sea Neon
xa_ex_2080.mdls Heartless Sea Neon
xa_ex_2089.mdls Heartless Sea Neon
xa_ex_2090.mdls Heartless Bandit
xa_ex_2099.mdls Heartless Bandit
xa_ex_2100.mdls Heartless Pirate
xa_ex_2109.mdls Heartless Pirate
xa_ex_2110.mdls Heartless Red Nocturne
xa_ex_2119.mdls Heartless Red Nocturne
xa_ex_2120.mdls Heartless Blue Rhapsody
xa_ex_2129.mdls Heartless Blue Rhapsody
xa_ex_2130.mdls Heartless Yellow Opera
xa_ex_2139.mdls Heartless Yellow Opera
xa_ex_2140.mdls Heartless Green Requiem
xa_ex_2149.mdls Heartless Green Requiem
xa_ex_2150.mdls Heartless Wizard
xa_ex_2151.mdls Heartless Wizard (Halloween Town)
xa_ex_2159.mdls Heartless Wizard
xa_ex_2160.mdls Heartless Air Soldier
xa_ex_2169.mdls Heartless Air Soldier
xa_ex_2170.mdls Heartless Pot Spider (Ligher Red)
xa_ex_2171.mdls Red Pot (Hidden Pot Spider)
xa_ex_2172.mdls Heartless Pot Spider (Darker Red)
xa_ex_2179.mdls Heartless Pot Spider (Lighter Red)
xa_ex_2180.mdls Heartless Barrel Spider (Lighter Brown)
xa_ex_2181.mdls Crate (Darker) (Hidden Barrel Spider)
xa_ex_2182.mdls Heartless Barrel Spider (Darker Brown)
xa_ex_2183.mdls Crate (Lighter) (Hidden Barrel Spider)
xa_ex_2184.mdls Heartless Barrel Spider (Ligther Brown)
xa_ex_2189.mdls Heartless Barrel Spider (Even Lighter Brown? lol)
xa_ex_2190.mdls Heartless Pot Scorpion
xa_ex_2191.mdls Red Pot (Hidden Pot Scorpion?)
xa_ex_2199.mdls Heartless Pot Scorpion
xa_ex_2200.mdls Heartless Wight Knight
xa_ex_2201.mdls Heartless Wight Knight (Halloween Town)
xa_ex_2209.mdls Heartless Wight Knight (Halloween Town)
xa_ex_2210.mdls Heartless Air Pirate
xa_ex_2219.mdls Heartless Air Pirate
xa_ex_2220.mdls Heartless Gargoyle
xa_ex_2221.mdls Heartless Gargoyle (Halloween Town)
xa_ex_2229.mdls Heartless Gargoyle (Halloween Town)
xa_ex_2230.mdls Heartless Search Ghost
xa_ex_2231.mdls Heartless Search Ghost (Halloween Town)
xa_ex_2238.mdls Heartless Search Ghost (Halloween Town)
xa_ex_2239.mdls Heartless Search Ghost
xa_ex_2240.mdls Heartless Jet Balloon
xa_ex_2249.mdls Heartless Jet Balloon
xa_ex_2250.mdls Heartless Missle Divers
xa_ex_2259.mdls Heartless Missle Divers
xa_ex_2260.mdls Heartless Chimera
xa_ex_2269.mdls Heartless Chimera
xa_ex_2270.mdls Heartless Battleship
xa_ex_2279.mdls Heartless Battleship
xa_ex_2280.mdls Heartless Darkball
xa_ex_2281.mdls Heartless Darkball (Halloween Town)
xa_ex_2282.mdls Heartless Darkball (End of World)
xa_ex_2289.mdls Heartless Darkball
xa_ex_2290.mdls Heartless Invisible
xa_ex_2292.mdls Heartless Invisible (End of World)
xa_ex_2299.mdls Heartless Invisible
xa_ex_2310.mdls Heartless Behemoth
xa_ex_2311.mdls Heartless Behemoth (Different Color 1)
xa_ex_2312.mdls Heartless Behemoth (Different Color 2)
xa_ex_2317.mdls Heartless Behemoth (Different Color 2)
xa_ex_2318.mdls Heartless Behemoth (Different Color 1)
xa_ex_2319.mdls Heartless Behemoth
xa_ex_2320.mdls Heartless Wyvern
xa_ex_2329.mdls Heartless Wyvern
xa_ex_2330.mdls Heartless Angel Star
xa_ex_2339.mdls Heartless Angel Star
xa_ex_2340.mdls Heartless Defender
xa_ex_2349.mdls Heartless White Mushroom
xa_ex_2350.mdls Heartless White Mushroom (Halloween Town)
xa_ex_2352.mdls Heartless White Mushroom
xa_ex_2359.mdls Heartless White Mushroom
xa_ex_2380.mdls Heartless Black Fungi
xa_ex_2381.mdls Heartless Mushroom (Halloween Town)
xa_ex_2389.mdls Heartless Black Fungi
xa_ex_2390.mdls Heartless Rare Truffles
xa_ex_2391.mdls Heartless Rare Truffles (Halloween Town)
xa_ex_2399.mdls Heartless Rare Truffles
xa_ex_2400.mdls Heartless Pot Centipede (Complete)
xa_ex_2410.mdls Heartless Pink Agaricus
xa_ex_2419.mdls Heartless Pink Agaricus
xa_ex_2420.mdls Heartless Neoshadow
xa_ex_2429.mdls Heartless Neoshadow
xa_ex_2430.mdls Heartless Soldier (Color 2)
xa_ex_2439.mdls Heartless Soldier (Color 2)
xa_ex_2440.mdls Heartless Shadow
xa_ex_2449.mdls Heartless Shadow
xa_ex_2450.mdls Heartless Sniperwild (Monkey)
xa_ex_2459.mdls Heartless Sniperwild (Monkey)
xa_ex_2460.mdls Heartless Black Ballade
xa_ex_2469.mdls Heartless Black Ballade
xa_ex_2470.mdls Heartless Search Ghost
xa_ex_2479.mdls Heartless Search Ghost
xa_ex_2480.mdls Heartless Jet Balloon
xa_ex_2489.mdls Heartless Jet Balloon
xa_ex_2490.mdls Heartless Missle Diver
xa_ex_3000.mdls Sephiroth
xa_ex_3008.mdls Sephiroth
xa_ex_3009.mdls Sephiroth
xa_ex_3010.mdls Xemnas (Enigmatic Man)
xa_ex_3018.mdls Xemnas (Enigmatic Man)
xa_ex_3019.mdls Xemnas (Enigmatic Man)
xa_ex_4010.mdls Hercules
xa_ex_4011.mdls Hercules
xa_ex_4019.mdls Hercules
xa_ex_4029.mdls Dumbo
xa_ex_4030.mdls Bambi
xa_ex_4039.mdls Bambi
xa_ex_4040.mdls Genie
xa_ex_4041.mdls Genie
xa_ex_4042.mdls Genie
xa_ex_4049.mdls Genie
xa_ex_4050.mdls Tinkerbell
xa_ex_4059.mdls Tinkerbell
xa_ex_4060.mlds Mushu
xa_ex_4069.mdls Mushu
xa_ex_4070.mdls Simba
xa_ex_4079.mdls Simba
xa_ex_4098.mdls Genie (With Legs)
xa_ex_7010.mdls Sora (High-Poly)
xa_ex_7015.mdls Sora (High-Poly)
xa_ex_7016.mdls Sora (High-Poly)
xa_ex_7018.mdls Sora (High-Poly)
xa_ex_7050.mdls Sora (Atlantica) (High-Poly)
xa_ex_7070.mdls Donald (Classic-outfit) (High-Poly)
xa_ex_7080.mdls Donald (Wizard) (High-Poly)
xa_ex_7090.mdls Donald (Atlantica) (High-Poly)
xa_ex_7100.mdls Goofy (Classic-outfit) (High-Poly)
xa_ex_7110.mdls Goofy (Knight) (High-Poly)
xa_ex_7140.mdls Kairi (High-Poly)
xa_ex_7147.mdls Kairi (High-Poly)
xa_ex_7148.mdls Kairi (High-Poly)
xa_ex_7170.mdls Maleficent (High-Poly)
xa_ex_7178.mdls Maleficent (High-Poly)
xa_ex_7190.mdls Riku (Wooden Sword) (High-Poly)
xa_ex_7210.mdls Ansem (Riku) (High-Poly)
xa_ex_7215.mdls Ansem (Riku) (High-Poly)
xa_ex_7216.mdls Ansem (Riku) (High-Poly)
xa_ex_7218.mdls Ansem (Riku) (High-Poly)
xa_ex_7228.mdls Ansem (High-Poly)
xa_ex_7230.mdls Donald (High-Poly)
xa_ex_7240.mdls Goofy (High-Poly)
xa_he_1000.mdls Phil
xa_he_1009.mdls Phil
xa_he_1010.mdls Hades
xa_he_1011.mdls Hades
xa_he_1019.mdls Hades
xa_he_1030.mdls Sephiroth Feather
xa_he_1040.mdls Unknown Object
xa_he_3000.mdls Rock Titan
xa_he_3009.mdls Rock Titan
xa_he_3010.mdls Ice Titan
xa_he_3019.mdls Ice Titan
xa_he_3020.mdls Cerberus
xa_he_3021.mdls Cerberus
xa_he_3029.mdls Cerberus
xa_eh_7000.mdls Hades (High-Poly)
xa_lm_0000.mdls Sora (Atlantica)
xa_lm_0010.mdls Donald (Atlantica)
xa_lm_0020.mdls Goofy (Atlantica)
xa_lm_0030.mdls Aerial
xa_lm_0039.mdls Aerial
xa_lm_1000.mdls King Triton
xa_lm_1009.mdls King Triton
xa_lm_1010.mdls Sebastian
xa_lm_1019.mdls Sebastian
xa_lm_1020.mdls Flounder
xa_lm_1029.mdls Flounder
xa_lm_1040.mdls Fish
xa_lm_1050.mdls Ursula
xa_lm_1059.mdls Ursula
xa_lm_3000.mdls Ursula Big (Boss)
xa_lm_3010.mdls Flotsam / Jetsam
xa_lm_3020.mdls Flotsam / Jetsam
xa_lm_3029.mdls Flotsam / Jetsam
xa_lm_3030.mdls Shark
xa_lm_3040.mdls Ursula Big (Tenticles) (Boss)
xa_lm_7000.mdls Ariel (High-Poly)
xa_lm_7010.mdls King Triton (High-Poly)
xa_lm_7020.mdls Ursula (High-Poly)
xa_nm_0000.mdls Sora (Halloween Town)
xa_nm_0010.mdls Donald (Halloween Town)
xa_nm_0018.mdls Donald (Halloween Town)
xa_nm_0020.mdls Goofy (Halloween Town)
xa_nm_0028.mdls Goofy (Halloween Town)
xa_nm_0030.mdls Jack Skellington
xa_nm_0031.mdls Jack Skellington
xa_nm_0038.mdls Jack Skellington
xa_nm_0039.mdls Jack Skellington
xa_nm_1000.mdls Sally
xa_nm_1008.mdls Sally
xa_nm_1009.mdls Sally
xa_nm_1010.mdls Zero
xa_nm_1019.mdls Zero
xa_nm_1028.mdls Dr. Finkelstein
xa_nm_1029.mdls Dr. Finkelstein
xa_nm_1030.mdls Lock
xa_nm_1031.mdls Lock
xa_nm_1038.mdls Lock
xa_nm_1039.mdls Lock
xa_nm_1040.mdls Shock
xa_nm_1041.mdls Shock
xa_nm_1048.mdls Shock
xa_nm_1049.mdls Shock
xa_nm_1050.mdls Barrel
xa_nm_1051.mdls Barrel
xa_nm_1058.mdls Barrel
xa_nm_1059.mdls Barrel
xa_nm_1060.mdls Mayor of Halloween Town
xa_nm_1068.mdls Mayor of Halloween Town
xa_nm_1069.mdls Mayor of Halloween Town
xa_nm_1090.mdls Ghost Prop?
xa_nm_3000.mdls Oogie Boogie
xa_nm_3008.mdls Oogie Boogie
xa_nm_3009.mdls Oogie Boogie
xa_nm_3010.mdls Oogie Boogie (Boss from Manor)
xa_nm_3020.mdls Oogie Boogie Piece (Boss from Manor?)
xa_nm_3030.mdls Oogie Boogie Piece (Boss from Manor?)
xa_nm_7000.mdls Jack Skellington (High-Poly)
xa_nm_7010.mdls Ooogie Boogie (High-Poly) (Dice in hands)
xa_pc_0000.mdls The Beast
xa_pc_0005.mdls The Beast
xa_pc_0006.mdls The Beast
xa_pc_0007.mdls The Beast
xa_pc_0008.mdls The Beast
xa_pc_0009.mdls The Beast
xa_pc_1000.mdls Belle
xa_pc_1008.mdls Belle
xa_pc_1009.mdls Belle
xa_pc_1010.mdls Aurora
xa_pc_1018.mdls Aurora
xa_pc_1019.mdls Alice
xa_pc_1020.mdls Alice
xa_pc_1028.mdls Alice
xa_pc_1029.mdls Alice
xa_pc_1030.mdls Cinderella
xa_pc_1038.mdls Cinderella
xa_pc_1039.mdls Cinderella
xa_pc_1040.mdls Snow White
xa_pc_1048.mdls Snow White
xa_pc_1049.mdls Snow White
xa_pc_3000.mdls Maleficent (Dragon)
xa_pc_3009.mdls Maleficent (Dragon)
xa_pc_3020.mdls Chernabog
xa_pi_1000.mdls Pinocchio
xa_pi_1008.mdls Pinocchio
xa_pi_1009.mdls Pinocchio
xa_pi_1010.mdls Geppetto
xa_pi_1019.mdls Geppetto
xa_pi_1020.mdls Pinocchio (Human)
xa_pi_3000.mdls Parasite Cage
xa_pi_3009.mdls Parasite Cage
xa_pi_7000.mdls Pinocchio (High-Poly)
xa_po_0000.mdls Pooh Bear
xa_po_0009.mdls Pooh Bear
xa_po_1000.mdls Tigger
xa_po_1009.mdls Tigger
xa_po_1010.mdls Piglet
xa_po_1019.mdls Piglet
xa_po_1020.mdls Eeyore
xa_po_1029.mdls Eeyore
xa_po_1030.mdls Rabbit
xa_po_1039.mdls Rabbit
xa_po_1040.mdls Owl
xa_po_1049.mdls Owl
xa_po_1050.mdls Roo
xa_po_1059.mdls Roo
xa_po_7000.mdls Pooh Bear (High-Poly)
xa_pp_0000.mdls Peter Pan
xa_pp_0008.mdls Peter Pan
xa_pp_0009.mdls Peter Pan
xa_pp_1010.mdls Wendy
xa_pp_1019.mdls Wendy
xa_pp_1020.mdls Smee
xa_pp_1029.mdls Smee
xa_pp_1040.mdls Crocodile
xa_pp_1049.mdls Crocodile
xa_pp_3000.mdls Captain Hook
xa_pp_3001.mdls Captain Hook
xa_pp_3009.mdls Captain Hook
xa_pp_3010.mdls Phantom
xa_pp_3019.mdls Phantom
xa_pp_3020.mdls Shadow Sora
xa_pp_3030.mdls Shadow Sora (With Keyblade)
xa_pp_7000.mdls Peter Pan (High-Poly)
xa_pp_7008.mdls Peter Pan (High-Poly)
xa_pp_7010.mdls Captain Hook (High-Poly)
xa_tw_1000.mdls Traverse Town NPC / Shopkeeper
xa_tw_1010.mdls Traverse Town NPC
xa_tw_1030.mdls Traverse Town NPC
xa_tw_1040.mdls Traverse Town NPC
xa_tw_1050.mdls Merlin
xa_tw_1059.mdls Merlin
xa_tw_1060.mdls Kairi Good Luck Charm
xa_tw_2010.mdls Magic Chair
xa_tw_2020.mdls Magic Table
xa_tw_2030.mdls Magic Dresser
xa_tw_2040.mdls Magic Teapot
xa_tw_3000.mdls Heartless Guard Armor
xa_tw_3009.mdls Heartless Guard Armor
xa_tw_3010.mdls Heartless Guard Armor
xa_tw_3019.mdls Heartless Guard Armor
xa_tw_3020.mdls Heartless Guard Armor (Pink)
xa_tw_3029.mdls Heartless Guard Armor (Pink)
xa_tz_0030.mdls Tarzan
xa_tz_0039.mdls Tarzan
xa_tz_1000.mdls Jane
xa_tz_1009.mdls Jane
xa_tz_1010.mdls Terk
xa_tz_1019.mdls Terk
xa_tz_1030.mdls Kala
xa_tz_1039.mdls Kala
xa_tz_1040.mdls Kerjack
xa_tz_1049.mdls Kerjack
xa_tz_1050.mdls NPC Gorilla
xa_tz_3000.mdls Sabor
xa_tz_3009.mdls Sabor
xa_tz_3010.mdls Clayton
xa_tz_3011.mdls Clayton
xa_tz_3019.mdls Clayton
xa_tz_3020.mdls Clayton and Stealth Sneak (Chameleon)
xa_tz_3029.mdls Clayton and Stealth Sneak (Chameleon)
xa_tz_3040.mdls Clayton and Stealth Sneak (Chameleon) (Black)
xa_tz_3049.mdls Clayton and Stealth Sneak (Chameleon) (Black)
xa_tz_7000.mdls Tarzan (High-Poly)
xa_tz_7010.mdls Clayton (High-Poly)