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Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - Spirits

Each spirit is 256 bytes long.

Spirit Structure

Position Type Description
0x00 int8 Spirit Type
0x01 int8 < unknown >
0x02 int8 Disposition and Rank
0x03 int8 Level
0x04 int8[2] < unknown >
0x06 char[22] Name (Each letter is 2 bytes long)
0x1C int8[2] Padding?
0x1E int8 Affinity Level and < unknown >
0x1F int8 < unknown >
0x20 int8[4] Colour (RGB + “FF”)
0x24 int32 Experience
0x28 int32 Affinity points
0x2C int16 LP
0x2E int16 < unknown >
0x30 int16 Max HP
0x32 int8[11] < unknown >
0x3D int8 Attack
0x3E int8 Magic
0x3F int8 Defense
0x40 int16 Weakness physical (%)
0x42 int16 Weakness fire (%)
0x44 int16 Weakness blizzard (%)
0x46 int16 Weakness thunder (%)
0x48 int16 Weakness water (%)
0x4A int16 Weakness dark (%)
0x4C int16 Weakness light (%)
0x4E int8[3] < unknown >
0x51 int8 Times linked with the spirit
0x52 int8[3] < unknown >
0x55 int32 Used in battle at runtime
0x59 int8[10] < unknown >
0x63 int8 Shine (Obtained when all nodes are unlocked; 01 = normal, 02 = shiny)
0x64 int16 Petting value (Changes when petting)
0x66 int8[154] < unknown > (Some of these have the state of the spirit board)