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Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - Inventory

Every entry is stored as 0s. Whenever the player obtains an item ingame, the item’s specific location is updated with the item id.

Eg: The address where Sora’s Ultima Weapon is will be “00 00”. Whenever you obtain it, it will change to “08 02”.

For items that can stack, 2 additional bytes are used to store the amount of the item the player holds.

Example Description
00 00 00 00 Item unobtained. Not shown in menu.
XX XX 00 00 Item obtained. Is shown in menu and the player holds 0.
XX XX YY Y Item obtained. Is shown in menu and the player holds Y.

Items are contiguous, grouped by category. The whole list is in Items and it is ordered as follows:

Category Description
Keyblades Unique (2 bytes each)
Key Items Unique (2 bytes each)
Recipes Unique (2 bytes each)
Glossaries Unique (2 bytes each)
Mementos Unique (2 bytes each)
Unknowns (10) Unique (2 bytes each)
Dream Pieces Stacks (4 bytes each)
Treats Stacks (4 bytes each)
Training Toys Stacks (4 bytes each)