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Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - tboxdt

Location: /item/jp/bin/

Contains the data for the chests. tboxdtso are Sora’s and tboxdtri are Riku’s.

File Structure

Amount Description
1 Header (24 bytes)
X Entries (8 bytes each)

Header Structure

Position Type Description
0x00 char[4] File Identifier (ITB)
0x04 int16 File Version?
0x08 int16 Entry count total
0x0C int8[12] Entry count per world

The world order is the same as listed here, but starts at 1 (Destiny Islands) and ends at 14 (Traverse Town (Revisited))

Entry Structure

Position Type Description
0x00 int8 < unknown >
0x01 int8 < unknown >
0x02 int8 Item Id
0x03 int8 Item Category
0x04 int8 World Id
0x05 int8 Chest Id
0x06 int16 Padding