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Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - spcom

Location: /game/de/bin/

Contains the data for the spirit recipes.

File Structure

Amount Description
1 Header (32 bytes)
56 Table A counts (4 bytes each)
X Table A entries (16 bytes each)
X Table B entries (16 bytes each)

Header Structure

Position Type Description
0x00 char[8] File version
0x08 int32 Spirit Count
0x0C int32 Table A entry count
0x10 int32 Table A counts offset
0x14 int32 Table A offset
0x18 int32 Table B offset
0x1C int32 Table B entry count

Table A Counts

Each of this entries refer to a specific spirit from Table A. It seems there’s as many Counts as “Spirit Count” + 1 for either padding or end of table.

Position Type Description
0x00 int16 Entry offset
0x02 int16 Entry count

Eg: Meow Wow is in offset 1 and has 6 entries. The next spirit, Tama Sheep, has offset 7.

Table A entries

Combinations for every spirit.

Position Type Description
0x00 int16 Spirit 1
0x02 int16 Spirit 2
0x04 int8 Item 1 Id
0x05 int8 Item 1 Category
0x06 int8 Item 2 Id
0x07 int8 Item 2 Category
0x08 int8 Chance of getting spirit 2
0x09 int8 Item 1 Amount
0x0A int8 Item 2 Amount
0x0B int8 < Unknown >
0x0C int8 Rank
0x0D int8 < Unknown >
0x0E int8 < Unknown >
0x0F int8 Padding

Table B entries

Bonus parameters given by using a command on Spirit creation.

Position Type Description
0x00 int8 Item 1 Id
0x01 int8 Item 1 Category
0x02 int16 HP
0x04 int8 Attack
0x05 int8 Defense
0x06 int8 Magic
0x07 int8 Resistance fire (%)
0x08 int8 Resistance blizzard (%)
0x09 int8 Resistance thunder (%)
0x0A int8 Resistance water (%)
0x0B int8 Resistance dark (%)
0x0C int8 Resistance light (%)
0x0D int8 Affinity
0x0E int16 Padding