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Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - rbin

rbin is the container format used by the 3DS version of DDD to hold all its files.

Each rbin holds the files for a given folder in the games file system, refered to as that rbin’s ‘mount point’.

Position Type Description
0x00 uint32 File identifier, always CRAR
0x04 uint16 Assumed to be File Version, always 1
0x06 uint16 File Entry count
0x08 uint32 Offset to start of file data
0x0C uint32 Reserved
0x10 char[16] Mount point

The header is immediatly followed by the list of File Entries.

File Entry

Position Type Description
0x00 uint32 Assumed to be some kind of hash, unknown algorithm
0x04 uint32 Offset of name (see note 1 below)
0x08 uint32 Size/Compression flag (see note 2 below)
0x0C uint32 Offset to file data