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Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - lbt_list

Location: /game/de/bin/

Contains the data for the Spirits’ boards’ rewards.

File Structure

Amount Description
1 Header (16 bytes)
X Boards (192 bytes each)
1 Padding? (48 bytes)

Each board has 16 Reward entries ( bytes each)

Header Structure

Position Type Description
0x00 int32 File Identifier? (44 33 22 11)
0x08 int32 Board Count

Board Structure

Amount Description
16 Reward Entry (12 bytes)

Reward Entry Structure

For some reason the reward is repeated 4 times

Position Type Description
0x00 int8[2] < unknown >
0x02 int8[2] Padding?
0x04 int8 Item 1 Id
0x05 int8 Item 1 Category
0x06 int8 Item 2 Id
0x07 int8 Item 2 Category
0x08 int8 Item 3 Id
0x09 int8 Item 3 Category
0x0A int8 Item 4 Id
0x0B int8 Item 4 Category