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Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - Builds

Code Platform Region Time stamp Additional info Differences Checksum
CTR-T-AKHJ Nintendo 3DS JP 2012-03-29 First Version
CTR-T-AKHE Nintendo 3DS US 2012-07-31 Retail
CTR-T-AKHP Nintendo 3DS EU 2012-07-20 Retail
CTR-T-AKHJ Nintendo 3DS JP 2012-06-22 Demo    
CTR-T-AKHE Nintendo 3DS US 2012-06-22 Demo    
CTR-T-AKHP Nintendo 3DS EU 2012-06-22 Demo    
CUSA 05028 Playstation 4 JP 2017-01-12 Remaster    
CUSA 05795 Playstation 4 US 2017-01-24 Remaster    
CUSA 05787 Playstation 4 EU 2017-01-24 Remaster    

Checksums will be re-validated at a later time, as at least one of the provided details does not match what we have collected at OpenKH.